Michael Elmgreen: Speeding through the Everyday Sales Process

Michael Elmgreen knows what makes salespeople tick. He's head of business development for Handshake, the top rated sales order platform in the App Store. Handshake is perfect for anyone  who has to process sales orders – it helps salespeople write faster, bigger orders, improve cash flow by yielding less time to order fulfillment, and reduce cost reductions by making fewer mistakes.

Selling for Salespeople

Michael is in the unique position of selling to salespeople – he understands what their challenges are, and Handshake truly addresses those challenges. Still, it's Michael's responsibility to make sure that customers are engaged and understand how to effectively use the product to solve the problem. He spent much of his time reaching out to new and potential customers, finding ways to engage them and help them get the most use out of Handshake.

There were two major challenges in Michael's workflow. First, it took forever to look up and email address, copy and paste his message, and tweak it for each customer and their company. Second, he had no way to track actual engagement with the email. Sending email was basically a giant, untraceable vacuum, with no way to improve his message.

Tout + Handshake: A Better Workflow

Michael started using Tout to increase the number of emails he could send each day, and he used the Tout browser extension to do it. He would take his list of emails, put them into a Google Doc, and started clicking and sending. Tout's CRM integration was perfect, too – when he used Tout, he had sent an engaging email and added a new, completed contact to his CRM, all in under a minute.

Tout helps us be more intelligent about customer outreach and follow-up, and to make sure we're delivering a message which is resonating with users. I also really like the CRM integration.

Michael also found that by using Tout, he could see which messages resonated with people – he has certainly taken advantage of Tout's open and link tracking to improve his message.

Tout helps you minimize duplicative work while maintaining personalization and human feel.

With a personal tone, the right timing, and effective follow up, Michael has created some seriously powerful messages. Some of his templates have over 90% engagement! Do you know how many people are connecting with what you're saying? Are you using email as a major workflow tool, without having any way to track it? If you're ready to send email quickly and gain visibility into the email vacuum, try Tout today.