User of the Week: How Client Management Teams Work with ToutApp

User of the Week: Dana Bakich

Company: Omnigon

1. What’s your company/role?

I work on the client management team at Omnigon. We’re a digital consultancy that conceptualizes, designs, develops and delivers digital solutions for sports, media and entertainment companies.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Integration with Salesforce
  3. Analytics to gauge the success of each template

We use ToutApp’s tight integration with Salesforce to reach out to potential new leads and track that relationship.

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

The ability to add groups, customize templates and track the success of those templates was key.

4. What was your journey into sales?

My two passions have always been sports and non-profit work. In Florida, I started my career in non-profit working closely with sponsors and managing campaigns/events throughout the year. When I moved to New York City, I decided to focus on the sports space and was lucky to find a job working with some of the biggest brands in the business (PGA Tour, NASCAR, Fox Sports, WWE, etc.)

My role at Omnigon is split between managing accounts and creating new relationships/ opportunities. It’s great to be a part of the entire process – from the pitch to the finished product.

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

It’s simple but successful:

LinkedIn is one of my favorite resources. If you can find a way to connect with someone, there’s a greater chance to start building that relationship. You’ll want to make sure that you adjust the connecting message to something more personal. This will show you have a legitimate reason to be reaching out.

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

Always the ones that begin with…”We’d like to partner with Omnigon on…” :)

**Congrats to Dana + Omnigon for winning this week! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with ToutApp. If you’re interested in being the next featured superstar, please apply here. **


How Tout Can Give You Back That Hour of Sleep

Dear DayLight Savings Gods,
Please give us back our hour of sleep!
Sleepfully yours,


Finding yourself in a bit of a slump after day lights savings time? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

From asking around at our office and talking with friends, I am relieved to find out that I am not the only only victim of these Daylight savings Blues.   #hashtag #needsleep

Don’t get me wrong, I love leaving the office when it is still light out. However, I’m finding that not enough coffee in the world can cure my serious case of the sleepys.

So, if you’re like me and are just needing some extra zzz’s, here are three time saving tricks you can use with ToutApp that will score you that extra hour of sleep you’ve been craving.


1. Throw it in a template
(cue “throw it in the bag” by Fabolous)

If you are feeling particularly sleepy or just down right tired of writing the same email over and over again, throw this email in a Tout template. Even if you’re only emailing  4-5 propsects a day, you can easily use our templates to perfect your messaging and email prospects in one easy swoop.

Our {{dynamic_fields}} feature is our form of mail merge that adds that extra touch of personalization to each email you’re sending off. In each of your templates, Tout is smart enought to auto-fill the desired dynamic field that is specific to each recipient your’e emailing.

The beauty of Tout templates is that they’ll be there forever. Who knows when you’ll be in a similar selling situation and you’re looking to use that same email strategy? On that tired Monday, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you already have a template to send. Get your template on!

2. Niko

Niko? What’s a Niko?

Niko is one of our newest feature that bridges the gap between browsing the web and Salesforce. Have you ever scouted LinkedIn for a potential prospect and found a winner? Instead of manually copying information, opening a new tab to SFDC, and creating a lead….CLICK NIKO!

As you browse the web, Toutapp will pull in these respective email addresses and allow you to easily add this contact into Salesforce.

Niko’s a great tool to utilize from either Gmail or Linkedin, without ever having to page back and forth from Salesforce.

Niko in Gmail:

Niko allows you to take the deals you’re already in communication with, and easily log them as an activity in Salesforce.

If this recipient is already a lead in Salesforce, Niko will change this lead into an opportunity without ever having to leave your Gmail screen!

Niko in Linkedin:

Niko is a great tool for prospecting potential leads as you browse their LinkedIn profiles.

Find a prospect that peaks your interest? Use Niko to easily add this prospect as a lead in Salesforce. Can’t acces an email address? Use SalesLoft.

Niko is designed to eliminate the extra clicks it takes to add a contact into Salesforce or update your records.

In one easy click you can update your Salesforce activity instantaneously!

3. Sleepiness Makes you Forgetful, Use Reminders

It’s a scientific fact- sleepiness makes you forgetful. Although this blurb was taken from WebMD (yes, WebMD), this fact does have some scientific evidence to back it up:

“In 2009, American and French researchers determined that brain events called “sharp wave ripples” are responsible for consolidating memory… Sharp wave ripples occur mostly during the deepest levels of sleep.”

So, if you are like me and your mind has been a bit scattered this week, set a reminder. Remind yourself to remind yourself. Heck, set two reminders just to make sure that you’re staying on top of your hottest leads.

This reminder will appear at the top of your Gmail inbox on the day you scheduled it for.  Let’s say this prospect already responded and you no longer need to be reminded to follow up: no problem!

You can set this reminder to be triggered only if this recipient has not replied back to your email.

Go ahead and set this reminder and feel the satisfaction of checking off this reminder after you have followed up.When in doubt, schedule a reminder.

ToutApp is designed to streamline your Sales process so that you can spend more time doing the things you love.. like closing those deals (and sleeping!) So although we can’t give you back that hour of sleep, ToutApp can help you gain an extra hour in your workday.

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Be more productive and close more deals in 2014

I decided to get a new little gadget called a FitBit to help motivate a healthier lifestyle. The coolest part was seeing how many steps I took each day. The saddest part was when I realized I had spent an entire 12 hours sitting at my desk only taking 25 steps the entire day. From that point on I made it a goal of mine to make sure I get out and move. The lesson that I learned this month is you still have time to get ahead. No matter if it is lifestyle changes, career goals or sales aspirations, don’t hold off on all your resolutions till after the New Year.

Have you ever walked into a gym in January? It’s a giant cluster of chaos and adrenaline with your workout time spent waiting online for a machine. Come March the crowds trickle down as people either stick with it or move their “get healthy, workout more” resolution to the bottom of the list.

My biggest piece of advice is to get a jump start so you can be ahead of the game and have your routine down come January.

Now, let’s apply this same concept to a career related resolution.

I want to be more productive and close more deals in 2014.

Koka Sexton hits this spot on in A story of two sales experts [infographic], “One of best pieces of advice I got as I grew up was to always find ways to work smarter and not harder. By leveraging people, technology and other resources in a smarter way you have the opportunity to have a much larger impact than if you just worked harder in a vacuume.”

Put a simple plan in place and evaluate where you're wasting most of your time.

For example, “This past year I wasted a ton of time manually creating proposals, agreements and invoices. So my team and I found an awesome tool DocuSign to alleviate the pain, automate and give us back more time in the day to focus on selling.”

While I won’t be using DocuSign Christmas Eve, I’m armed with the right tools to go into 2014.

On the flip side, there are a ton of small tasks you can check off your list to tackle resolutions before the official kick off date, Jan 1, 2014.

Here are a few actionable tips to do right now so you can be more productive and close more deals in 2014:1. Prospect, research, get introductions and knock out some of the sales activities that will take up most of your time come January.

  1. If you get ahead of your prospecting you’ll be way ahead of the crowds and more likely to score meetings come Jan.
  2. Or if you’re REALLY ahead of the game forge relationships NOW and confirm meetings on your calendar in January 
  3. Rest up, sleep and recharge. Don’t wait till Jan 1 to do this.
  4. Make a list or multiple lists. When you return to  the office Jan 2 it is going to be pretty tough to remember everything that happened pre 2014. If you jot down reminders for yourself, to dos and goals now, it will be an easy way to get back up to speed quickly post holiday madness.

Most importantly, Happy Holidays and sending some cheer your way from the ToutApp Team… 


Tout Partners with Salesforce to Bring You the Information You Need to Close Sales

Tout was proud to partner with Salesforce yesterday as we both shared exciting tools that help you improve communication. Marc Benioff's keynote addressed the Social Revolution – how quickly it's changing and how quickly businesses have to adapt. After the keynote, we talked with a lot of Salesforce users about how they're spreading their message, and we showed them how Tout can help them sell smarter – especially with our deep Salesforce integration. Not only is Tout in the cloud, easy to use on mobile, and fully integrated with social media, and it's a powerful way to give you real, actionable data and analytics on a process that takes you hours a day – your email.

Tout + Salesforce = The Power of the Cloud

Benioff has famously advocated cloud computing, but this year, he warned users to be wary of tools that he called the “false cloud”. It's important for businesses to understand the true cost of implementing software systems that live on their servers, and more importantly, the savings they're missing by ignoring cloud computing. We totally agree. The fact that Tout exists in the cloud means that we can offer Tout at a great price, there's no setup, and users never have to concern themselves with a software update. Tout just works.

Tout + Salesforce = Embracing Mobile

According to Morgan Stanley, the number of CEO's who allow mobile tablets at work has more than doubled in the past year, an unprecedented rate of adoption for new technology. It's become absolutely necessary for companies to embrace mobile, despite the fact that sharing rich information is challenging on a tiny mobile device. For Tout users, sharing information is easy, because your templates are saved in the cloud, and with our mobile app, you can access them from anywhere, combining the consistency of templates with the flexibility of mobile.

Tout + Salesforce = Selling with Social

Salesforce announced an innovative new Chatter tool to allow customers to interact with companies on Salesforce instantly, emphasizing the importance of social interaction. It's obvious that social tools are quickly becoming a central part of the sales process, as salespeople prospect more and more over LinkedIn and Twitter. The problem with social selling is that the fast pace and informal nature of social media creates gaps in your messaging. Tout solves that by allowing you to share a templated message across social media platforms. Not only is it faster, it brings your complete message straight to your customer, right where they want it.

Tout + Salesforce = Information

The true key to the Social Enterprise is information – your customers are doing everything they can to get the right information, right away. As a salesperson, the best thing you can do  is share information, quickly, consistently, and effectively. Tout gives you the tools you need to share information, and it also gives you the analytics and key data points you need to make your sales process smarter and faster. If you're ready for an email tool that works where you work, helps you do your job faster, and gives you the information you need to close sales, check out Tout.


Tout = Email Management for the Social Enterprise

Come see us at Cloudforce!  As a Salesforce Partner, the whole Tout team is very excited to be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Cloudforce NYC conference.Cloudforce promises to be an awesome event, with keynotes, breakout sessions and the Expo all centered around the idea of the Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprises leverage social, mobile and open cloud technologies to put customers at the heart of their business. Tout helps you do just that!

Tout integrates fully into your cloud-based CRM, we provide email management and analytics from anywhere (desktop, mobile phone, iPad), and we make team-based sharing of content simple and easy.

We truly believe in the Social Enterprise for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a member of a 100 person team or even a part of a 10,000 person company, Tout’s email productivity solutions are here to help you become more connected, more social and more successful. So come see us at Booth 221 at Cloudforce!  Go ahead and register FREE now.  Cloudforce takes place on Wednesday, November 30 at the Javits Center in New York City.  See you there! If you can’t make it to Cloudforce but would like to see Tout + Salesforce in action, drop us a line at or call 866-548-1927.


7 Surprising Ways You Can Get Through Your Email Faster

People seem to find a lot of ways to sort and slash when it comes to email. Batching emails and answering them all together,turning off notifications, focusing on big projects during the day: they're all tried-and-true ways to generally be more productive. We've seen them, we've tried them, and they work. (Sometimes.) Still, it's hard to avoid getting bogged down with email, especially when your phone is buzzing, your computer is dinging, and your co-workers are waiting on your response. Last week, Scott Britton shared some of his favorite  and most creative lifehacks, among them some that actually help him actually achieve a better email workflow. We've shared some of them below – enjoy!



Step. Away. From. The. Inbox.

Bookmark pages you access through email

If you're using your mail to access your calendar and your documents, create bookmarks for the pages you normally have to go through your mail to access. That will keep you out of your inbox until the time you've designated to look at your mail.

Download a Chat Client

Using a chat client solves two problems. First, it keeps you out of your inbox so that you can batch your email response. Second, using chat encourages you to send those quick questions faster – freeing you and your colleague from another “quick question” email. Many businesses choose to use internal chat clients that save your chat history, like HipChat, so that you can reference them later if you need.

Use What You've Got

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Does it really take that long to move your mouse and click on “New Message?” No, it doesn't. But why not do it faster? Data analysts learn all the excel shortcuts in the book; they want to do their job as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you're using email as a major part of your job, why not find a faster way to do it? Google has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that you can learn, and you can even customize your own shortcuts in your email settings.

Use Filters Effectively

All email clients offer filters. Use them. In every way possible. For your personal email, a tool like Other Inbox is great – you'll keep the junk out of your inbox, without losing a single bill notification. For all other emails, you can sort by sender, message, or subject to organize them before you even see them. Not only will it cut out steps for you, but it will also help you batch your email, since you'll be able to move through similar emails all at once, rather than jumping around to different subjects.

Create Templated Responses

Every time you're answering an email that you think you've typed before, create a template from it. The next time you're answering a similar email, you'll just need a few clicks to send a thoughtful response. Plus, templated emails ensure you don't forget anything if you're in a rush.

Use Rapportive to Get In Touch

If you're not already using Rapportive for Gmail, you should be, because it's seriously awesome. When Rapportive reads an email address, it searches that address across all social media sites, and pulls the most recent posts into a sidebar instead of ads. If you don't know someone's email address, you can try to guess the email address from various first and last name combinations, and once you guess their email correctly, Rapportive will show their picture and LinkedIn information. Rapportive is also great if you're not the best at connecting names and faces. Each time you email someone, you'll see their picture right next to their name. It's like having little flashcards in your inbox!

Don't Send an Email Unless it Needs a Response

Want a better response rate on your emails? Make sure that every email you send has weight. Remember the little boy who emailed wolf? If you're constantly sending a little note here or there, it creates work for the other person, and if your messages don't have a certain degree of urgency, you're probably getting pushed down the priority list. If you have a message that doesn't require a response, think of more creative way to send it. Birthday wishes? Thank you note? Try sending a card! You'll stand out, and they'll be happy to avoid another message in their inbox. Have any other tips you use? Share them in the comments below!


3 Sales Tips for Today’s Sales Professionals

As we all know, a large portion of sales activity takes place over email. Whether it’s prospecting, scheduling meetings, providing product information, sending contracts or any other of the many functions sales pros do every day, we spend a lot of time in our inbox. Some studies show that we spend over 80% of our day is spend on email.  That’s a lot of emails!


If you’ve been around for a while, you might still be stuck in the “old school” style of writing rather formal, business-y emails. That’s OK for some industries and some types of customers, but most of today’s prospects prefer to be approached in a different manner.


The rise of social media, mobile phone apps, constant connectivity, and the explosion of professional and personal networking means that the old-school barriers to open and friendly communication have largely broken down.  In today’s business world, approaching sales communications in a personal (but not overly familiar) way will lead to happier interactions, closer relationships, and more sales.


So here are my three top tips to rock your sales emails:

Be yourself.

When writing an important email, I sometimes like to speak out loud, then transcribe what I’ve said.  Writing the way you actually talk ends up giving a much more personal, approachable, believable tone to the final product.  Customers appreciate being spoken to like real people, so give this a try!


Be concise.

For better or for worse, information today is dispersed in bullet points and brief quips, as opposed to lengthy dissertations on why your product or service is best.  Distill your value statement into three distinct relevant benefits, say a sentence or two about each, ask for the next step, and then stop while you’re ahead. And edit, edit, edit!


Be consistent.

When you find an email that works well for prospecting, save it and reuse it!  Same for all the various types of sales processes.  Here at Tout, we call this templating, and it’s a major part of our product offering.  Why reinvent the wheel if you’ve got one that works?  Refine your message over time, keep an up to date template of the each type of message, and save yourself a lot of time and typing.  Not only will you see better conversion rates, but you’ll work more quickly and efficiently, and ensure consistent and professional messaging every time you contact a prospect.



How Gilbert Zammit, Founder of IT Channel Insight, Creates Real Value from his Network using Toutapp

Throughout his career, Gilbert Zammit saw a need for a better place for IT channel news and industry information. That’s why he created IT Channel Insight, a site that helps providers of IT managed services run their business.

Tons of New Contacts, but No Easy Way to Build a Relationship

Like all professionals, Gilbert relied on the insights and opportunities provided to him by his ever-expanding network. On a daily basis, he met new people who truly had the potential to impact his business – but only if he managed to establish a genuine relationship with them. In order to do that, he spent hours writing and re-writing different emails to his new contacts, and then he could only hope that people would see and read his emails.

Toutapp Saves the Day!

Once Gilbert started using Toutapp, he was able to write different templates to reach out to his new contacts. Using Toutapp templates saved him a lot of time, and the added analytics solved a huge problem for him. Now when Gilbert sends emails about IT Channel Insight, he knows if those emails have been opened, clicked or left unopened in someone’s inbox, and he can follow up accordingly. Now Gilbert can take his networking and relationship-building to the next level, which in turn helps make IT Channel Insight even better.

Why You Should Check Out IT Channel Insight


Gilbert has really made use of all his professional contacts and relationships to build his website into an extremely valuable wealth of information for IT professionals. He recognizes the importance of building ideas and growing a business by learning from the experiences of others, and that’s exactly why IT Channel Insight is such a well-respected site. If you’re looking for information about IT channel partners and MSPs, IT Channel Insight is the place to go. You can follow IT Channel Insight on Twitter

Tired of writing the same emails over and over? Give Toutapp a spin! 


Toutapp gets an iPhone App, Email FollowUp Will Never Be the Same Again

We all know networking is one of the most important and valuable ways to improve your career, but it’s also one of the biggest time drains, and it’s very difficult to manage. At Toutapp, we spend a lot of time thinking about the major pain points around sending and receiving email, and our new iPhone app is our latest innovation in email efficiency.

The Toutapp iPhone app is the fastest, easiest way to connect and follow up with people you’re meeting at conferences and networking events. You can also send product information, details about your company, or just that initial email that gets you talking! Below is a video that shows everything you can do with the Toutapp iPhone app:


Send or Schedule Any Template

Once you’ve captured someone’s name and email address, you can click any template in your Toutapp account to send. Your most frequently used templates will show up on the first page. Once you choose the template you want to send, you can send the email immediately, or schedule it for delivery in three hours, or in three days, depending on when you think it’s best for the other person to receive it.

Quick View of Toutapp Analytics

The home page of our app gives you an awesome overview of the success of your recent Toutapp emails. You’ll be able to quickly see who’s opened your emails, how many times they viewed or clicked on your message, and which messages are still unopened.

What is the Toutapp Team up to next?

We’re hard at work preparing for 500 Startups Demo Days, but we’re not just working on our pitch. Check back this week and next for more product announcements as we roll out the features you’ve requested! Tired of writing the same emails over and over? Try Toutapp.


The Art of Outreach: How to Get People to Actually Read and React to Your Emails

How frustrating is it to send someone an email, only to find out that five days later, there’s no response, no action, and no help? While you can’t actually make other people read their emails, there are a few tricks that can help you be more effective when reaching out, especially to people you don’t know.

Don’t Blindly Reach Out (if you can avoid it)

By far, the easiest way to get someone to read your email is to get in contact with them through an introduction. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, but with the power of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, you might be more closely connected than you think. Take five minutes to quickly scan social networks and see if anyone you know can provide an introduction.

Re: The Subject Line

Make the subject of your email catchy, honest, and informative. If at all possible, provide a relevant point of reference for the recipient, like “Jane Smith suggested I contact you,” or “Thanks for your blog post on best practices for outreach!” Focus on crafting a subject line that makes someone want to open your email. As Jared Goralnick said: “Sound interesting, but be honest and get the gist across in your subject.”

Create Value

So your email is in the inbox, complete with a strong subject line. Now what? You want the recipient of your email to just. keep. reading. You already know what you want, you need to make it clear why your reader wants the same thing. By focusing on how your message will benefit the other person, you’ll get much better results. As for the length, Jared Goralnick suggests keeping it under 250 words. That’s a good benchmark, but if you have to make it longer, try to break up the email into multiple short paragraphs so it’s not visually daunting.

Ask for something – specifically

The key to getting what you want is knowing what to ask for.  You’ll never get help or feedback if you don’t ask. As Kiss Metrics’ Cindy Alvarez says, “limit yourself to one “ask” and make the commitment level clear.” The ideal ask identifies what actions will provide you with the maximum benefit, but requires minimal effort from the other person. Of course, it never hurts if coffee is included! If you get nervous asking someone for help, just remember that as long as you’re polite and considerate, the worst thing they’re going to say is no.

Don’t attach, and other common courtesies

You’re presumably sending an unsolicited email, so be consider and don’t clutter someone else’s inbox with attachments. Send the email at a time you think will be good for the other person. Alex Taub wrote a post indicating that the best time to reach out is on Sunday, but that may be different if you know the specifics of someone’s work schedule. As always – remember please and thank you… especially if the person politely declines to help. There’s no sense in burning bridges, after all.

Tired of wondering whether your emails have been opened?

It’s hugely valuable to know whether your email has been opened, clicked through or left unopened in outer space. The way you would follow up to all three of those situations is completely different. Want to know who’s reading what you write? Try Toutapp.