How Tout Makes the IT World a Little Friendlier

Ah, information technology. Having worked in the IT world for several years, I can confirm that it has a reputation for being unnecessarily jargon-laden and user-unfriendly.


Help with a Smile, however, is an IT company working to shrug off this reputation. Their President and Chief IT Specialist Michael Spadaro has built a company that is friendly and customer-centric, and at the center of all of their communications is Tout.

How Help with a Smile Uses Tout

Michael: We're an NYC-based IT support and consulting firm, and we use Tout for communicating with sales prospects that are (hopefully) looking to improve their IT support situation. We store our e-mail templates in Tout and share them among the sales team. Being able to collaboratively develop sales messaging templates is not only a time saver, but it makes sure that the communications are on-point with our sales strategies. At the same time, we love how easy it is to customize a template on-the-fly to keep things personal.

Before Tout, our sales processes were very “shoot from the hip”- as a small company without a dedicated sales staff, we don't have the luxury of spending a lot of time writing and re-writing e-mail communications to prospects, which is exactly what we were doing before.

3 things you can do to embody the voice of the customer

  • Constantly tweak and hone your templates
  • Use your Tout templates to keep your team on-message, with a positive and light tone.
  • Ask others outside of your field to [read your templates] and give you suggestions.

IT professionals have a well-earned reputation for not being able to relate well to the rest of the business world- bucking this trend is what Help with a Smile is all about, but many IT companies could use a dose of user-friendliness in their sales processes.

3 signs your prospects are engaged

There's been several occasions where we've used Tout to focus our sales efforts on prospects based upon their positive interaction with a message we “touted” to them. We can see when a prospect is showing a great level of interest, whether by:

  • Repeatedly viewing the message
  • Forwarding the message to others who are also viewing
  • Clicking on links in the message

Even those bits of information alone can tremendously inform the sales process. Given this knowledge, we can prioritize our sales tasks to reach out to these individuals through other methods of communication as a follow-up to our e-mail.