Stella Fayman, Marketing Ninja at FeeFighters, turned Blind PR Outreach into a Streamlined Business Process


PR is Hard. It’s time consuming, it’s challenging to find the right message, and it’s next to impossible to track – especially if managing your company’s PR is just one part of your job. Stella Fayman, Marketing and Customer Service Ninja at Fee Fighters, understands the pains in the PR workflow – she found a solution that allows her to cut time, track results, and improve her message.

Fighting for Small Businesses

Stella is passionate about helping small businesses get the most bang for their buck. Back in 2009, FeeFighters identified credit card processing as a huge pain point for many new companies. Despite a wide range of options, it was hard to find true visibility when shopping for a processing system, which hindered competition.

FeeFighters decided to shine a light on credit card processing options. They developed a tool that allows business owners to compare rates; it has saved businesses, on average, about 40% on their credit card processing fees. Most recently, FeeFighters developed Samurai, a tool that “allows any business to send any transaction to any processor, with no lock-in.”

It’s Stella’s responsibility to make sure that small business owners actually know about FeeFighters. She’s driven by her passion to help small businesses succeed:

Helping business owners and seeing how happy they are is hands down the best feeling.

Still, small business owners are a hard group to reach, because they’re constantly busy running the many parts of their business. In order to spread the word about FeeFighters, Stella has developed a wide range of marketing and PR tools and workflows.

Implement, Measure, Learn

Anyone who has worked on the PR side of an organization knows that while it’s critical to new customer acquisition, PR is also time consuming and very difficult to track. Stella spent hours sending personalized PR emails to reporters all over the web, but she didn’t have a meaningful metric for her work. There was no way to know if a reporter read it, loved it, or missed the message.

Stella decided to use Toutapp to send her PR messages. Not only did Toutapp save her a ton of time, but she was also able to create a process around tracking her clicks and replies.

Toutapp has helped me turn our PR strategy into a process instead of a crapshoot.

Armed with actual data points about the success of her emails, she was able to tweak and change her messaging to drastically improve the success of her PR outreach.

I am able to gain insight from each email I send out, and see the effectiveness of different messaging options.

Stella took a complex and time-consuming task and streamlined it into a measurable business process – one that is now key for FeeFighter’s customer acquisition strategy. If you’re interested in doing the same thing, give Toutapp a try.