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Our featured Team of the Week entry comes from the Inc. Business Owner Council. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user group who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

We are under the auspices of INC. Magazine, which decided that many of the INC. 500/5000 CEOs and business owners needed more than just an informative magazine. So they decided to create regional business owner councils around the country to support these entrepreneurs with their goals. We meet monthly and offer peer support in a confidential setting and offer enhanced access to INC. Magazine and other members around the country. We address the common theme of “lonely at the top”!


ToutApp's take: Entrepreneurs are building the future of technology, and they're working in a fast-pacedworld where the landscape changes constantly. Inc helps bring sanity and community to the process of starting a company, which is filled with pressure. Lately, too, we've seen some devastating losses from entrepreneurs who took their own lives because of depression and anxiety.'s Business Owner Council aims to create a community for these people, and they use ToutApp to help build and manage it.

With ToutApp, we love that we are not just able to send out numerous emails but we also get to see how effective each email is and who clicks through for further info.

ToutApp allows Inc to spend time contacting truly interested prospects and keep them in the loop. The Inc team are also able to share templates with co-workers in the various regions – a real time saver. They can also use Tout's analytics to determine which templates are more successful than others when reaching out to business owners. Through communication tools like ToutApp, the Inc Business Owner's Council helps unite entrepreneurs across the United States – and we're proud to support them!


Tout was Featured as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 7 Essential Apps for Sales Teams

This week, we were honored to be featured by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 7 Essential Apps for Sales Teams. And of course, we're in great company. As the article points out, there are a lot of small details required to for a salesperson to close a sale. If you can't manage the tiny details, there's no way you will be able to be a successful sales person.

A Better Way to Work

Luckily, tools like Tout will help you increase your productivity and manage each step in a smarter way. For example, the ability to schedule emails means that as soon as you've left a meeting, you can follow up immediately, but you won't seem over-eager. The fact that Tout will automatically update your CRM with not only a copy of the email, but also analytic data on that email, means that you have one more step you don't have to worry about. People are raving about it.

A browser plugin automatically scans for any email addresses listed on a Web page, helping you quickly find the person you need. 'Click the [contact] you want, click the template button and you're sending an email in two minutes,' says Beth Morgan, vice president of marketing for Palo Alto, Calif.-based healthcare tracking site Simplee.

It's all about streamlining the process. If we can find ways to help salespeople close deals faster and more efficiently, we ultimately help salespeople partner with their customers to bring them more of the products and services they need, without losing a bit of the personal touch.

Want to streamline your sales email process? Try Tout for free today.

And of course, a big thank you to Entrepreneur Magazine for helping us share our love of workplace productivity with the world!


Why Chris Johnson, Co-Founder of Simplifilm, is on Track to do 6 Figures in Sales with Tout in Less than a Year

Chris Johnson is a pure salesperson.  He's the co-founder of Simplifilm, a bootstrapped startup that makes amazing demo videos for web products, mobile aps, and other places where humans interact with technology. Even though Simplifilm is less than a year old, it's on target to do some incredible numbers. One look at the work that Chris and his co-founder, Jason Moore produce, and it’s no wonder. The work that they do is fluid and it tells a story without getting lost in the metaphor.  Says Jason,

We want to make sure that we translate what the product does and we can make people feel like they know it.  Our style is more focused on the actual product than a lot of other folks that make web demos, and we think it pays off.

Many companies that contract Simplifilm find that the film pays for itself in under a month – one customer even saw sales double the day his Simplifilm video went live!

Simplifilm Doubles Sales for Web Companies

All this is to say that Chris has a great product, one that people want and need. Still, like the companies he makes demo videos for, he has to find a way to market to the right people and show them what a great product Simplifilm is.

Simplifilm Demo Reel from Simplifilm on Vimeo.

Managing Simplifilm's Targeted Outreach

That's where Tout comes in. Simplifilm needed a tool that would help him manage his email activity, by scheduling emails, tracking views, and helping him increase his reach. There's a huge number of new tech companies, but sometimes organic search and reading tech articles are the only ways to find them. In order to reach as many of the right people as possible, Chris used the  Tout Chrome extension to target company founders over email. Tracking and analytics helped him easily follow up, and scheduling allowed him to send mail whenever he wanted – he knew it would arrive in normal business hours. In just a few short months, Simplifilm's sales skyrocketed with Tout.

The third e-mail from Tout led to a sale.  We’re on track to do 6 figures from what I call ToutReach- a simple, semi-custom email when we see a startup we might like to work with.

Once Chris started using smarted email, he began to think of other ways to improve his email engagement. For example, when Chris wants to reach out to someone he knows on Twitter, he waits until they've posted a tweet before sending a message.

You know that when they're on Twitter, they're either at their computer or on their phone, in a spot to read and respond to an email.

Needless to say, Simplifilm is seeing a huge level of engagement with his emails. It just goes to show that having a great product, a great message, and perfect timing go a long way. And while Simplifilm is generally booked 6-10 weeks out, they're always lining up new projects so get a quote when you're in need of a powerful demo video. If you're ready to start reaching more of the right people- at the right times – like Chris has, give Tout a try today.


Ginger Dhaliwal: Speeding Up the High-Touch Sales Process

Mastering the art of the high-touch B2B sale is extremely rare, especially for an entrepreneur, who not only has to make the sales, but also has to find time to manage the rest of the business. If you’re looking for an example of someone who’s mastered this, meet Ginger Dhaliwal, the force behind Tiny Ginger, a New York-based luxury children’s clothing agency. After travelling extensively all over the world, Ginger developed a keen eye for great fashion, and as a mother, she knows good children’s clothing. Ginger has selected and sold only the best brands since she started Tiny Ginger, and her company has now grown to represent over twenty of the most highly sought-after brands in the industry.

Selling is hard work – and it’s tedious to boot

Like many small, high volume distributors, much of the luxury clothing sales process takes place over email. There are a lot of interactions that have to occur before an order is placed, which results in a repetitive back-and-forth in the inbox. Ginger realized the importance of a professional, well-crafted email, one that answered every question her potential customers had.

Ginger used a traditional email client to answer inquiries about the brands she represented. She had a system – write the email, search for the attachment, add the link, double check the email to make sure all the information was right, then send it off! Sure it took a while, but answering emails in a timely fashion is an absolute must in a high-touch sales process. People want to see what you have to say, consume it, think about it, and they’ll get back to you. Probably with more questions.

There’s really no getting around this type of email activity in sales. Ginger couldn’t send blast emails, because each of her customers wanted different information. Anything less than a pointed, specific, and personalized email would prevent Ginger from selling much of anything.

Ginger knew she had to answer emails, but she thought she could do it better.

When Ginger found out about Toutapp, she realized this could be just the trick to speed up her sales process. Ginger took some time to identify which emails she was sending over and over. Then she took those emails, edited and perfected them, and saved them as Toutapp templates. To get to her Toutapp emails faster, she even categorized her templates based on how her customers asked for information.

It has helped us organize our information in single place so we are not searching for information. We work more efficiently and it takes seconds to reply to our customers.

For Ginger, the ability to see each open and click is extremely important. Plus, Toutapp allows her to see which specific links her customers clicked, so she’s more informed and prepared for each future interaction.

We love the ability to track the click through information by customer.

Knowledge is especially critical for Tiny Ginger’s sales model, so this type of insight into the actions taken on an email is invaluable. Now Ginger has the tools she need to improve her sales process, grow her business faster, and spend more time being inspired traveling and spending time with her family!

If you think you’re spending too much time interacting on email, you should give Toutapp a shot.