The Secret Call to Action You’re Not Using in Your Sales Email

Writing a good sales email is hard. No wonder we wrote a whole guide to teach you how to write kickass emails.

You probably know how to write a good email, but I bet you’re missing out on precious opportunities by not using two simple letters “P” and “S”.

I’m talking about “P.S.”

How it lands meetings.

P.S. is a classic copywriting technique that can make your sales email more effective.

Look at this email below:

This could just be another sales email to demo a product, but its the last line that makes it incredibly effective.

Adding the P.S. gives you a chance to add a small nudge or call to action.

So why does it work? It’s a part of the basic human psychology called the Serial Position Effect. Simply put, people remember the things that are in the end of a list.

If you write an email, there’s a good chance that the reader will read and remember the last thing you wrote.

Who’s using it?

Don’t take my word for it. Even Jill Konrath, the popular sales influencer, uses it in her emails:

As you can see, Jill used the “P.S.” as one last chance to sell.

How it subtly sells.

The P.S. can also act as a nudge to sell something in a subtle way. Take a look at the email below:

The email is to thank a blogger for his quality content AND creatively uses a P.S. to tell him about a product and get him to sign up.

Now that you’ve seen some examples, start using P.S. and closing more deals!

P.S. Comment and let us know if p.s. has helped you make your emails more effective.


Feature of the Week: Track Your Content

What’s cooler than tracking links?


Did you know that with ToutApp, you can track your presentations, documents, pictures, etc.? See when a prospect or lead clicks on your pricing sheet or e-book. Some examples where you’d use this:

  • Tracking to see if your prospects have opened your pricing sheet
  • See when your presentation is opened
  • Did they look at your case study?

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s how to track your content (in Gmail and Outlook):

1. In Gmail, it’s right in your email next to your other favorite features.


**You can choose to upload a new file, or quickly go to the documents you regularly send out in emails. It’s a quick sales trick to grab the presenation or doc you’re always using.

2. In, it’s in a similar spot above the body of your email.

3. In Outlook, it’s located on the right.

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User of the Week: An SDR’s Prospecting Tricks!

Chris Reaby, from Oracle | Responsys

1. What’s your company/role?

I work at Oracle | Responsys as a Sales Development Representative selling the Oracle Marketing Cloud. I’m responsible for outbound lead generation which involves sending nifty emails, new business development, and warm calls!

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  • Tracking: Definitely my favourite feature. I am able to lead with insight, then prioritize follow up with my prospects based on their engagement or lack of.
  • Attachment Tracking: This is my second favourite feature, and is similar to the first, but it definitely deserves its own bullet point. I’m able to upload case studies, content and reports and attach them as a linked-pdf to my emails. From here, I can see what pages my prospects viewed, what pages they spent the most time on – another tool in the toolbox!
  • Relationship: The easy import feature in ToutApp, makes it extremely simple to batch upload contacts, with personalized fields.
  • Efficiencies: I have a template with personalised fields for every occasion – whether it is, InMail Follow Up with No Response, Relevant Content with a Call-To-Action – I’ve even tested subject lines within ToutApp (practicing what I preach & sell!)

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

Honestly, I wasn’t involved in the decision to use ToutApp, but what I can share is that I have been impressed with the customer service. If I have a query, question or issue, I hear from a Happiness Office within 12-24 hours.

4. What was your journey into sales?

Awesome Question! I started my journey in the workforce, at IBM where I did a 4-year internship, studying Business and Information Systems at RMIT University, as well as a few tech courses like Cisco Certified Networking Associates (CCNA). I was a Software Asset Manager, surrounded by a great group of people who were vested in my success. I got the opportunity to attend a few sales meetings with software vendors – which I loved!

After 5.5 years, I made the switch to Microsoft as a Software Engagement Manager, which was predominantly a customer facing role with back office work – again, fuelling my desire to move into a sales role. I took a step sideward in my career, and joined the Victorian Government, which was a great role working with all government agencies, but it just wasn’t for me …. I decided that I had to get into a sales role …… and here I am, Sales Development Rep at Oracle | Responsys– I couldn’t be happier!

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

One of my favourite, yet simple tricks, is a very simple outreach strategy (which I’m still perfecting –5 months into my role)!

Research your prospect (company + employee), just to name a few:
a. LinkedIn (common connection, companies followed, people followed)
b. Facebook (look for common ground, i.e. restaurants, retail brands etc.)
c. Google Search (in particular recent news articles)
d. CRM tool

It’s important, to ensure you establish an outreach routine to ensure continuity in your follow-ups. Creating tasks in your CRM tool acts as a friendly reminder every morning. A task is created for a reason; so don’t weasel your way out.

In my experience, if a prospect I’m dealing with likes a particular retail brand on Facebook that happens to be a customer of ours – I’ll be sure to mention the success they have seen since making the shift to the Oracle Marketing Cloud! Also, using ToutApp on all email is a must.

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

A favourite email I received was a boomerang (appropriate given I’m an Aussie). I sent an email to a prospect; it then made its way to a competitor – the competitor then wrote a message back to me!

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Feature of the Week: Save Your Searches

As a Salesperson, one of your main goals is to cut out the “busy work” and get to the point… Selling!

Here’s a tip where you can do exactly that. We want to remind you about the “Saved Search” function on our emails page. Since copy/pasting is for amateurs, here’s a way to remember searches that you’re often looking up.

Some examples where you’d use this:

  • To always get a quick macro view of all of the people that are highly engaged, but have yet to respond to your emails. (Views, Clicks, and obvious interest but No Response).
  • If you’re sending group emails, you can save your search for that specific group and filter by engagement level.
  • Managers can filter by emails sent across the team, and quickly look up reps. (ie. Which templates did Brittany use, and what was her engagement this week?)
  • When you want to quickly filter a person or company by time, and find yourself doing this often. ( Yesterday, Last week, 90 Days, etc.)
  • Filtering your “successes.” Whether you define success as getting a meeting, a response, or closing a deal, you can use saved searches to quickly do this. (Also helps you see engagement on a macro level)
  • When you want to quickly see which activity has “no activity.” Since you’re not going in blindly, you can stop communication/wasting time if there isn’t any traction with a  lead.
  • If you’re testing your messaging, you can look up the contacts or groups you want to do so.
  • You want to find groups that have certain criteria for automated drip campaigns .

Sample of what you can search:


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5 Things I Learned at the Sales Hacker Conference: Part 2

I was lucky enough to attend my second Sales Hacker Conference. The first time around, I learned some of the most valuable “sales hacks” in my career.

This time around, I learned a few more! As our CEO TK always says, “Don’t be lazy. You’re in Sales.” Here are my notes so you can hack be a Sales Hacker yourself:

1. What type of emails do executives respond to?

John Barrows breaks it down best…

2. Always use humor

No joke. Carolyn Betts (CEO from Betts Recruiting) got 250 salespeople laughing with this video: S*** Not to Say In an Interview.


3. Do your research and keep it personal.

I try to always have a personal “talking point” with each customer. Whether that’s knowing where they’re from, which school they went to, or their favorite sports team.

3 personal hacks that will cut down your time:

  1. Setup LinkedIn saved searches to catch trigger events right away
  2. Feedly will aggregate all your news
  3. Use Gagein for instant company alerts

4. Collaborate

I loved Sales Hacker New York, but one of my top takeaways from Sales Hacker San Francisco remains true.  Post-it advice from Doug Landis.

5. Become a Superhuman

Be personal on a large scale. How? TK’s 5×5: Personalizing Relationships at Scale.

Quick tip for sales emails:

*Bonus Hack: Love your team and customers

Stay tuned for Customer Success Hacks at the GainSight Pulse Conference!


User of the Week: How To Measure Your Productivity at Work


ToutApp has a bunch of cool features that shows you your email analytics around templates, open, and click-through rates. BUT, we don’t want you to forget about our awesome timesaving feature that shows you the amount of minutes you’re saving each week (or whatever time period you want to look at)!

Here’s how to measure your productivity at work:

1. Go to your page

2. Click on the Analytics tab

3.  Click on your name highlighted in blue

4. See how many minutes you’re saving!

What will you do with your extra time? 490 minutes…Happy hour anyone?


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7 Ways to Train the Modern Salesperson

Dear ToutApp,

          How do I tackle a growing sales team? I’m trying to plan for the scope of training starting with onboarding and moving through formal group trainings to individual coaching/development. Specifically, I’d love to know:
1. Content/learning goals for sales people
2. Best Practices
3. What ongoing development looks like

          -Sales Manager from a Hustling Startup

Dear SM from a Hustling Startup,

Great Question. In fact, we get asked this a lot as we coach our customers on how to implement our software across their Sales Process. To help get your answer, I pulled together our CEO, VP of Customer Success, Director of Sales Operations, and lastly, one of our top performing Sales Reps. Basically, the Sales powerhouse.

As a growing company, almost doubling in size in the last two months, I figured they would know a thing or two about training new team members.  I pulled them into a room for a whiteboard session.

We’ve come up with 7 things that will help you when training your team and becoming a better salesperson yourself:

1. Follow the Leaders.

This answers your first question around content. Teach your team to tap into the infinite amount of sales resources online. Social selling is very important. Make sure your team is constantly learning new sales tips and knowledge, and then sharing that information with potential customers. It gives them more “sales cred.” Here are five blogs we like to follow:

2. Keep trainings short and precise.

In a study based solely on lectures, it was determined that students (salespeople in this case)  have a 10-18 minute window of prime focus in an hour.  “Then, no matter how good the teacher or how compelling the subject matter — there would come a lapse. In the vernacular, the students would lose it.” Sometimes their attention would come back, “But in ever briefer packets, falling “to three- or four-minute spurts.”

Thus, no matter how compelling your sales hacks are, key points to your training can get lost in translation; even if you segment topics. Our VP of Customer Success, Cliff Cate says, “Think about the demographic of salespeople these days; they can have short attention spans. You need to have training very easy to consume, that’s bite sized, quick, and engaging. Show them a two minute video that shows them how to make a cool template in two minutes or less.”

3. Onboard at separate times.

Daniel Barber, our Director of Sales Operations makes sure new hires always start on a different day. By starting salespeople on different days, they gain more one-on-one attention. It helps with culture by having a personal introduction to the team, and a personal experience with their manager. Even one day or week apart can make a big difference. Also, Daniel says, “Give them the what, why, and how of your company the first hour of the first day. It will set up the training for the entire week.”

4. Create a buddy system.

This creates an open environment to have new salespeople ask as many questions as they need. By working with a “peer,” there’s less intimidation. Meghan “Oops I close Deals” O’Donnell says, “Having a buddy system gave me a go-to person from day one. Create an environment where it’s normal and encouraged to ask for help.”

Also, onboarding at different times creates an automatic buddy system where your newbies get taught by people that started right before them. Odds are, the two-week salesperson has already asked the question that Day 1 Salesperson wants asked. It’ll save time and be a more engaging environment for both salespeople. They’ll learn twice!

5. Sell to your Uber Driver.

No, we’re not joking. Our CEO TK says, “Before you can train a whole bunch of salespeople, you need to sell yourself and know the ins and outs of your business.” He thinks talking to your cab drivers, or any new person you meet, and telling them about your product is the best way you can figure out if you’re doing a good job at selling. Make sure you’re very clear on the right language you want to use, and find out what resonates with people. “Salespeople need to understand the value, why people should care, and what the benefits of your company are. You need to figure this out for yourself first.”

6. Reflect, reflect, reflect.

These days, Salespeople are trained to follow what is on their calendar. Teach your team to book 15 minutes to reflect and find key takeaways from each meeting they have. Whether it’s a group training, or a call they just hopped on. Get in the habit of booking 15 minutes on your calendar after each meeting that will have an important takeaway. They’ll retain the information better!

7. Use your data for ongoing development.

Lastly, ongoing development takes your whole team. Find the things that your top reps are doing and figure out ways to share it with the rest of the team. For example, ToutApp will measure the best performing email templates across your sales team. Once you identify it, you can share it with the whole team and up everyone’s game.

Using data to identify best performing pieces of content, messaging and approaches and sharing it with the rest of your team is a powerful way to drive on-going training.

What else would you like to know about Sales? Ask me here or tweet at me!


User of the Week: How ServiceRocket keeps things from falling through the cracks

Name: Kendall Beckelhymer
Company: ServiceRocket
Position: Sales Manager

1. What’s your company/role?

I manage the Inbound/Outbound Sales Team at ServiceRocket. ServiceRocket helps software companies increase adoption, growth, and overall customer success by building their training businesses and 24×7 support offerings.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  • My email activities are automatically logged into Salesforce so I don’t have to add information in two places.
  • I love the “Push to Tout” option from Salesforce, it allows me to quickly create groups and reach out to several people at once in a personalized email. I can also track who is most the engaged of those groups which helps to prioritize follow-ups.
  • Templates are great, you can share and collaborate with your team and easily tweak things to make them more effective!

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

Much of my communication is done via email, as someone that’s constantly in my inbox it’s great to have an integrated tool that reminds me about follow up actions and even does them for me so I don’t let things slip through the cracks.

It’s also integrated with Salesforce and very easy to use so new reps are able to hit the ground running and already have a toolkit that sets them up for success.

4. What was your journey into sales?

I never really intended to get into sales but when I graduated from college I started my career working for Enterprise Rent-a-Car (that’s right, we’ll pick you up).

From there, I continued to discover opportunities in sales. I took a small hiatus as an English Teacher in Buenos Aires and upon my return started at ServiceRocket, coincidentally not in sales. However, I continued to find myself volunteering to help out with sales and customer support and eventually my role evolved into the position I hold today. I love being the forefront person for my customers and helping them find solutions to some very important problems in the SaaS space. I’m also able to mentor my team, many of whom are just starting out, which is something I’ve been fortunate to have in my career, so it’s great to be able to give that back to them.

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

I genuinely love what I do and want to help people. I think that passion comes through and in turn leads to closing deals (sorry to get cheesy).

Also, I think a trick that I use often to get more face time is picking one day of the week to do all of my in-person meetings and stacking them up.  When I reach out to customers/potential customers they are always more inclined to book the time when they know I’ll be in their area.

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

Any time I receive an email with positive feedback about my team I’m very excited!

**Congrats to Kendall + ServiceRocket for winning this week! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with ToutApp. If you’re interested in being the next featured superstar, please apply here. **


Sales Acceleration Dashboard Recap


The Sales Acceleration Dashboard is one report that lets Sales Teams know what content is working!


Did you know that 83% of the data in your CRM systems are unmanageable? It can be hard to visually see individual rep performance, template/content performance, and your trending accounts. With the Sales Acceleration Dashboard, it’s the first time you’ll have a report that gives you visibility into what emails are actually working, and more specifically, what content. Such as:

  • # of Emails with Events
    Tracking performance of reps email activity to drive performance
  • Click Through Rate
    Measuring the reps ability to source top content
  • Open Rate
    Measuring the number of opens and contrasting against the click through rate (CTR)
  • # of Events by Template
    Serves Marketing and Sales leadership, as top templates can be tracked
  • Opportunities with Events
    Exposes the real pipeline expected to close this month
  • Trending Accounts – Events
    The hot accounts for this week by engagement data

For Who:

For Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Sales Operations, Director of Marketing, or VP of Sales that want visibility into their teams, or anyone interested in measuring content performance.

Live Tweets from the Webinar (that you should tweet yourself):


“1% of calls today yield a real conversion. The concept of a cold call needs to change. @toutapp helps you do that.” (Click to Tweet)
“We’re solving that question that every chief sales officer is asking, What content is working and how do we get more of it?” (Click to Tweet)
“ToutApp gives you one platform, one service, not just a plug in. With the Sales Acceleration Dashboard we make sure you get the data you need.” (Click to Tweet)
“You can compare and contrast who’s killing it in terms of content, and then use that data to spread to the rest of the team. ” @toutapp (Click to Tweet)
“You can go back to #marketing and say, ‘Look, we’re using your content but this is how it’s actually performing’ and start a conversation.” (Click to Tweet)
“The # of emails sent means nothing. Connect rates and engagement data is what matters.” (Click to Tweet)


“For every 100 emails you send, you’ll get 2.5 meetings. For #Salesleaders this is exactly why you need to use engagement data.” @toutapp (Click to Tweet)


“Most of the CRM platforms are just places to log activity. That’s great but that’s not enough” #salesaccelerationdashboard (Click to Tweet)

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Feature of the Week: Calendar Function

Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, we have an amazing Calendar function that allows you to set up a meeting time in just 3 clicks!

You’ve experienced it all too well. You get a meeting request, visit your calendar for open times, email a few options, only to hear back that none of them work. Back to the drawing board in your calendar, and a handful of emails later…

We know setting up just one meeting can be time-consuming and annoying! There’s usually many back-and-forth emails exchanged to pick a final date and time. Here’s a refresher on how to use our Calendar Function to take that pain away:

1. Outlook

Step 1: Hit the “Calendar” button in the upper right corner
Step 2: Click and select open times in your schedule
Step 3: Hit “Insert Times into Email” in upper right corner
Step 4: Available meeting times are automatically inserted into your email!

2. Gmail

Step 1: Click the Calendar Tab

Setting up a meeting

Step 2: Select your open times and hit the “Insert Times into Email” located in the upper right corner

Setting up a meeting

Step 3: Ta-da! Your available meeting times are automatically inserted into your email

Setting up a meeting


Last step? TOUT it! :)