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Our featured Team of the Week entry comes from the Inc. Business Owner Council. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user group who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

We are under the auspices of INC. Magazine, which decided that many of the INC. 500/5000 CEOs and business owners needed more than just an informative magazine. So they decided to create regional business owner councils around the country to support these entrepreneurs with their goals. We meet monthly and offer peer support in a confidential setting and offer enhanced access to INC. Magazine and other members around the country. We address the common theme of “lonely at the top”!


ToutApp's take: Entrepreneurs are building the future of technology, and they're working in a fast-pacedworld where the landscape changes constantly. Inc helps bring sanity and community to the process of starting a company, which is filled with pressure. Lately, too, we've seen some devastating losses from entrepreneurs who took their own lives because of depression and anxiety.'s Business Owner Council aims to create a community for these people, and they use ToutApp to help build and manage it.

With ToutApp, we love that we are not just able to send out numerous emails but we also get to see how effective each email is and who clicks through for further info.

ToutApp allows Inc to spend time contacting truly interested prospects and keep them in the loop. The Inc team are also able to share templates with co-workers in the various regions – a real time saver. They can also use Tout's analytics to determine which templates are more successful than others when reaching out to business owners. Through communication tools like ToutApp, the Inc Business Owner's Council helps unite entrepreneurs across the United States – and we're proud to support them!


Toutapp Helps Lawgical Increase Engagement

Our featured Team of the Week entry comes from Lawgical. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user group who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

About Lawgical

Lawgical is an online marketing company that serves select legal niches. We have a number of brands such as ServeNow, PInow, AboutBail, and the Legal Talk Network that are recognized as industry leading networks for the legal communities that they serve. Our activities range from building our networks to actively promoting the products.

How Lawgical uses ToutApp


ToutApp is an incredibly useful tool for outreach and sales productivity. We use it throughout our marketing and sales departments to create and enhance engagement with clients and leads.

An example of how we've used ToutApp is in communications with governmental agencies for marketing projects. The responsiveness of agencies and their bureaucracies can vary greatly. So being able to view whether they opened or clicked on our emails has guided our communications, especially for when and how we follow up. As a result, we've increased the number of responses to our requests and gotten much better project results.

Beyond just tracking, the ability to create and use templates within ToutApp has helped us routinize and refine certain processes to make them faster and more efficient.


ToutApp Conquers the Legal World

Our featured User of the Week entry comes from Adam Rosenblum, Principal Attorney at The Rosenblum Law Firm. Every week or so, we'll profile a different person who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

I'm the principal attorney at The Rosenblum Law Firm, which focuses on traffic violations and criminal defense in New York and New Jersey. Our website at has over 300 pages of unique content related to traffic violations. We also run, an interactive site that educates individuals about the consequences of traffic violations. Our monthly newsletter contains information from our websites, including, and goes out to thousands of subscribers to give them information on a broad range of legal topics.

ToutApp has been an invaluable tool for a number of reasons.

Our firm gets a significant volume of potential client leads each month. In addition, many of our current clients are looking for information we provide via email. ToutApp allows us to create templates so that we do not have to write the same emails over and over and track the effectiveness of the templates. Many of our emails include links, and ToutApp also lets us know whether or not people are clicking on them. We also love Tout's campaign feature, which allows us to have a template automatically send a follow-up email. This feature allows us to continue to provide our clients and potential clients information without having to send the emails manually.


Team of the Week: Ambassador always has their Live Feed running

Our featured Team of the Week entry comes from Derek from Ambassador, writing this on behalf of his sales team. Every week or so, we'll profile a different person who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

At Ambassador, we help companies track and manage customer referrals. We'll let you reward your customers (or affiliates) for referring their friends, family, community, or users to you. Once you've tracked referrals, you can issue cash rewards using our integrations with Paypal and Dwolla. We're a hustling Techstars NYC startup in the one and only Detroit, Michigan. I'm managing our sales and customer service communications.

We LOVE ToutApp because we can see how effective our emails are at educating new customers about our product and its features.

ToutApp also lets us see which attachments are opened, when people reference them, and when they go back to review them. Tout also lets us know that a follow-up email has been read or clicked, letting us know that it was compelling to the recipient. Really useful – I always have my Live Feed running!


User of the Week: Shane Scales Outreach and PR using ToutApp

Every week or so, we'll profile a different person who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

I'm, Shane Jones, the Senior Social Outreach Specialist over at WebpageFX, a full service Internet Marketing Firm. I oversee our Outreach team and manage online PR for our company, so I'm constantly connected to about 3 or 4 email accounts 24/7. WebpageFX offers so many unique opportunities for our clients to expand their online presence and gain exposure for their brand so we always have to be ready to go. We're constantly trying to find scalable ways to build relationships and increase engagement with web influencers. 

Because of the success of our department, very much due to ToutApp, it's one of the fastest growing portions of our business.

Why do I love ToutApp? Because without it my whole department's structure would crumble! Maybe that's an exaggeration, but we would definitely have a really hard time living without it.

We represent so many different companies when doing their PR efforts, so we need to manage various email accounts. And when you are pitching to people on a mass scale, it's important to maintain consistent efforts across all of your emails. Tout's templating helps us keep it all straight, making sure we don't have to tailor every email when we find we're typically saying the same things. Templates allow us to focus on what's important. Now that we've done several product giveaway promotions, we don't need to spend too much extra time planning out our email structures and strategy. 

Because of Tout's tracking and analytics, we know exactly what communications work through A/B testing different subject lines, tones, and approaches.

Finally, the greatest impact is not only ToutApp's ability to help us scale our processes up personally, but also as a team. By being able to add team members, it's so easy to share our experiences and knowledge about what's working for us, and share our email templates with other members. And we LOVE the “Feedback” section on all the templates. We can offer suggestions for improvements and really monitor whats working for each team member!

So thanks, ToutApp, because you've had a huge role in our growth, and we cannot wait for more to come from you guys!


User of the Week: David Robinson’s Torrid Affair with ToutApp

I run musician services for a music-ed, tech-startup called Chromatik. I oversee outreach and customer service for the company and am constantly emailing people, telling them about our product and getting them on board. We have been building Chromatik for over a year and have had a tremendous response, including getting the American Idol band, Bruno Mars and tons of schools and institutions to use our product already! 

From an outsiders perspective, one might think we have a seriously unhealthy love affair with ToutApp at Chromatik. And to be honest, the outsider might be right. 

We thoroughly love ToutApp and use it daily in our office for reaching out to potential new users. I blame this torrid affair on ToutApp's email tracking and analytics, especially the Live Feed… not to mention the total integration with my browsers! Emailing has never been easier. We are able to A/B test emails and subject lines that are all tracked and neatly organized – and in return, it effectively helps us grow our company. We're looking forward to using ToutApp for a long time.

Every other week, we'll profile a different person who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.


User of the Week: Eric Wu from Bracket Labs

I'm one of the founders of Bracket Labs. We're a Boulder, CO startup building enterprise software apps for the Salesforce AppExchange. Our apps are TaskRay and Campaign Calendar, and together they're helping thousands of sales and marketing people around the world work more productively in Salesforce.

We're a small company, so as a founder I wear a lot of different hats. One of my primary roles is sales, so I spend a lot of time talking to customers who have found our apps through the AppExchange and are looking for more information so they can make a purchase.

I love ToutApp for three big reasons:

1) It helps me do more faster! We have a set of emails we send to new leads to help them understand the apps and determine whether there's a good fit for their team.

ToutApp has allowed me to send (and schedule) my emails in a way that has reduced my time per lead by about 30%.

2) The ability to deliver nicely formatted, trackable follow-up email responses from within the Salesforce Leads tab but sent from my own email address (rather than Salesforce's mailer) is great because I don't always trust the deliverability of the Salesforce mailer.

3) The Live Feed of activity on my sent emails is awesome and gives me new insight on customer engagement with my emails. I can prioritize my follow-ups based on their activity and interest level, timely response to an engaged customer is a big part of showing them you're paying attention and you are ready to help.

Every other week, we'll profile a different person who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.


User of the Week: Creighton Green


I co-founded a startup company called Aptivada. We work closely with TV stations, radio stations, and other media outlets to help them quickly grow their social presence. Our apps, tools, and media-specific consulting drives exciting results.


We send a LOT of the same e-mails every day for customer service, sales, and marketing.

ToutApp helps us work smarter, and much faster by providing a suite of tools and features to make sending e-mails better.

We use ToutApp's templates to save time on the daily hours that we were using to write the same type of email over and over again. One of our favorite features is being able to track opens and clicks. This helps us know who we need to follow up with or send another email to. ToutApp is also very simple and easy to implement. Everything ties in easily to Gmail and Outlook. If you're not using ToutApp for your startup or business, you should check them out.

You can get in touch with Creighton through Twitter: @creightongreen

Every other week, we'll profile a different person who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.


Tout was Featured as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s 7 Essential Apps for Sales Teams

This week, we were honored to be featured by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 7 Essential Apps for Sales Teams. And of course, we're in great company. As the article points out, there are a lot of small details required to for a salesperson to close a sale. If you can't manage the tiny details, there's no way you will be able to be a successful sales person.

A Better Way to Work

Luckily, tools like Tout will help you increase your productivity and manage each step in a smarter way. For example, the ability to schedule emails means that as soon as you've left a meeting, you can follow up immediately, but you won't seem over-eager. The fact that Tout will automatically update your CRM with not only a copy of the email, but also analytic data on that email, means that you have one more step you don't have to worry about. People are raving about it.

A browser plugin automatically scans for any email addresses listed on a Web page, helping you quickly find the person you need. 'Click the [contact] you want, click the template button and you're sending an email in two minutes,' says Beth Morgan, vice president of marketing for Palo Alto, Calif.-based healthcare tracking site Simplee.

It's all about streamlining the process. If we can find ways to help salespeople close deals faster and more efficiently, we ultimately help salespeople partner with their customers to bring them more of the products and services they need, without losing a bit of the personal touch.

Want to streamline your sales email process? Try Tout for free today.

And of course, a big thank you to Entrepreneur Magazine for helping us share our love of workplace productivity with the world!


Scott, an Internet Marketing Specialist, Quadruples Outreach with Toutapp

Today’s featured Toutapp super-user is Scott Redgate. Scott is an Internet marketing specialist at WebpageFX, an Internet Marketing Agency in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Scott has been using Toutapp to create buzz around a website tool that his company created to help websites improve their rankings in search engines like Google.

The Situation: Pre-Toutapp

Scott identified a list of web sites that he believed would benefit from using CrawlerFX, a tool that crawls, analyzes, and scores webpages based on several factors that affect company’s search engine rankings. He began to reach out to these website owners individually, but he became discouraged because it seemed to take forever. For starters, it took several minutes to simply find a simple email address on each site. After that, he found himself writing the same email over and over again, only changing the introductory remarks.

How Toutapp Solved the Problem

Scott heard about Toutapp and decided to try Tout’s templates, scheduling, and analytics. He also used the ToutApp add-on for Firefox – it allowed him to quickly find email addresses on webpages, which was exactly what he needed!

“It took me forever to find email addresses on those sites! I was getting annoyed that I would search every page of a website and still be unable to find anything. Not only did the Toutapp add-on find the email addresses for me, but it also allowed for me to send a templatized email with just a couple of clicks. This saved me hours.”

Scott created several email templates, and he tweaked each email he sent to compliment something unique on the recipient’s site. Toutapp also provided the analytics he needed to finally understand which templates were the most effective, saving him time and money. In fact, Toutapp enabled him to send 4-5 times as many emails per day!

Why You Should Check Out WebpageFX

As one of the leading Internet marketing companies in the country, WebpageFX has delivered amazing results on a regular basis. They have over 100 years of combined staff experience, which is unheard of in the Internet marketing! They specialize in web development, design, search engine optimization, and many other services. Check out their SEO packages and find one that is right for you!

Are you using Toutapp yet? 

Scott’s case is just one of many; sending email is tedious and time consuming for anyone. If you find yourself sending the same emails over and over, it’s probably time to give Toutapp a shot!