How Dyn Uses ToutApp’s Email Tracking and Analytics to Delight Customers

You’d never thought DNS and email delivery could get this exciting. Dyn are the coolest kids on the block making the internet work. They’ve delighted us with their Most Reputable Sender in the World campaign and their nontraditional take on classic internet memes.

When they’re not busy powering the internet, Dyn’s business development and marketing teams use Tout to improve their emails.

Tout is great for “reaching out to existing customers… Since there are wayyyyyyy more customers than there are BDRs, it helps us keep in contact with them all and inform them of other offerings Dyn has.” – AJ Garron, Business Development Rep

As a very customer-centric company (we’ve written about Dyn’s credo and how they put the customer first here), the Dyn team use ToutApp to stay in touch with more customers while keeping the conversation personal. Our templates save the team time re-writing the same communications, and email tracking kicks in to make sure that Dyn’s reps are engaging with the most interested customers.

“Our team loves using ToutApp. Efficiency and 'working smart' are some of our credos here at Dyn, and ToutApp is a major tool to help promote both of them. It's a great connection tool that we use every day.' – John Zahr, Business Development Manager

“ToutApp is a great tool to not only learn how effective you are at first impressions, but also increase the number of first impressions you can achieve in a work day. It makes your emails more about the customers, rather than yourself using its customized templates. If there is one tool in your marketing and sales teams’ hands that is fist pump worthy…this is it.” –Ryan O'Hara, Event Marketing

Tout’s offerings not only help Dyn send out a larger quantity of emails, they also improve the quality of them. Template analytics keep the team on top of their game by letting them know how effective each email is. Not only does Tout help Dyn succeed as a business, it lets them give their customers more of the information they want.

In fact, if you’re a Tout customer looking for your own email servers to send from, we definitely recommend that you check Dyn out. Existing Tout users can set up SMTP with them here.

You can learn more about why Dyn loves us by signing up for a ToutApp account today.


ToutApp Revamps Email Tracking and Templates for Salesforce

ToutApp’s integration into Salesforce provides advanced email tracking and templates beyond what the standard CRM offers.

One of the biggest draws of our Salesforce plugin is that it lets you do all of your email outreach right from within Salesforce while ensuring your emails still get sent through your own email servers.

Once you’ve installed Tout from the AppExchange, Our Tout Outbox lets you see email analytics in Salesforce, and our “Email with Tout” button lets you send emails with Salesforce templates and tracking. ToutApp will also auto-BCC Salesforce on all your communications, even when you’re emailing from Gmail or Outlook.

And now ToutApp for Salesforce is even more powerful, because we’ll display email tracking and engagement information whenever you pull up a Lead or Contact.

So for those salespeople who live within Salesforce and can’t imagine needing to navigate away to look up email tracking information, we’ve got your back. Here’s what our newest tracking info in Salesforce looks like:

For current Salesforce users, here’s a video explaining how to update your Salesforce plugin to the latest version with additional tracking:

Also, if you’re looking to take your sales communciations in Salesforce to the next level, here’s a book we wrote with the 5 top best practices on how to make the most of Salesforce + Tout.

7 Actionable Tips for Better Emails ToutApp’s Email Templates and Tracking coupled with Salesforce CRM makes a killer combination for your sales team. In this book, we’ve put together five best practices on how to make the most of your sales communications process with Salesforce and Tout:View PDF or iBook now  (no pesky forms necessary)


Give it a try and email us your feedback or comment below!


How to Preserve Your Sanity while Emailing

Ever wonder what happens after you hit the “Send” button on your emails? Some of them are deleted without being opened while others never make it past the spam filter. Without a standard reply or a response to your “Hey, did you get my earlier email…?,” you're blind to your recipients’ actions.

“Sending an important email without Tout feels like operating my business in the dark.”

– Forest Linden

Wondering whether your important emails have been received is a pain, but multiply that tenfold when you're running your own company. We had two founders of their own businesses weigh in on this topic: Forest Linden, the founder of Tech Husband, who doles out advice and training around web tools; and Matt Cooper, the Founder and CEO at Addroid, a platform that creates streamlined, affordable video banner ads. Forest and Coop both weighed in on how Tout has helped them stop worrying about email responses so they can start working on what's important: running their business.

Before Tout

FL: If 24 hours elapsed between when I sent an important email and getting no response from someone, I would start to get concerned that they didn't get it, and if a day and a half or two days went by with no response from them, I would send out another email to touch base and make sure they got the first email.

MC: Basically I was just sending regular emails out into the abyss and then days later would just think, “I wonder if that guy got my email? Should I try him again? I wonder if he saw the link I sent? Maybe I should call? Nah, that's crazy. Could I email again to check? Maybe I'll follow up with a quick note, but I wonder if I'm just bothering him at this point?” I'd pretty much go back and forth like this.

After Tout

MC: As the CEO of a new startup I find myself working many different roles. While I enjoy working on the product, I realize that it's not much good if no one hears about it. So, for the time being I'm the lead sales person, and I'm having to get up to speed on the process of sales and the tools of the trade… What I was really struggling with was sending and following up on emails. Tout has helped me dramatically increase the amount of prospecting I can do in a day and now I finally know if I'm getting though.

FL: With ToutApp, the entire worry cycle is gone because I can see if they opened my email… Since I can see whether or not they viewed it and how long they had it open for, I know when people have read an email, and now I can relax and give them a few days before I follow up.That allows me to focus on other important aspects of running my business, rather than wasting energy worrying and sending out second emails to see if people got the first one.

To find out what's working and what isn't working with your inside sales efforts you need to be able to measure the results. Tout solves this one problem and does it well.

– Matt Cooper

You can learn more about how Tout satisfies your curiosity with email analytics here.