How Kyle Jackson re-Kaptur’d a Day using Toutapp

Kyle JacksonToday’s featured Toutapp customer is Kyle Jackson, Director of Business Development at Kaptur, the seamless way to pull together everyone’s photos, videos and status updates in one place from your wedding. Kyle is one of Toutapp’s biggest fans:

“I’ve used Toutapp to send over 500 emails this year, which has saved me a full workday’s worth of time. I will never use a traditional email client to send repetitive emails again!”

Toutapp and Kaptur

Every day, Kyle reaches out to wedding sites and blogs that would benefit from a partnership with Kaptur. Toutapp drastically reduces the time he spends sending these emails, and it ensures consistent messaging around key information, such as the specifics of a potential partnership.

With all the time he’s saved, Kyle can focus on writing a highly targeted and personal message that really hits home with prospective partners, instead of the generalized email he would have to send using a regular email client.  Plus, the analytics help Kyle accurately identify which messaging is most effective, which, in turn, saves him even more time. He’s able to try different messaging and wording, see which emails are most successful, then use and tweak successful emails moving forward.

Getting Married? Check out Kaptur!

Kaptur is a great photo-sharing platform that finds and aggregates all the photos, videos and status updates from a wedding. Couples can use the Kaptur to search social media and photo-sharing sites to find all their guests’ pictures from the big day. After Kaptur finds all the photos, it’s easy to share one, organized, centrally located album with friends and family. It completely eliminates the need to search Facebook and Flickr to look at everyone else’s pictures from the wedding, and it’s super easy to set up – Kaptur is transforming the way we enjoy and share our wedding memories.

Tired of sending the same emails over and over? Try Toutapp.