Tout = Email Management for the Social Enterprise

Come see us at Cloudforce!  As a Salesforce Partner, the whole Tout team is very excited to be a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Cloudforce NYC conference.Cloudforce promises to be an awesome event, with keynotes, breakout sessions and the Expo all centered around the idea of the Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprises leverage social, mobile and open cloud technologies to put customers at the heart of their business. Tout helps you do just that!

Tout integrates fully into your cloud-based CRM, we provide email management and analytics from anywhere (desktop, mobile phone, iPad), and we make team-based sharing of content simple and easy.

We truly believe in the Social Enterprise for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a member of a 100 person team or even a part of a 10,000 person company, Tout’s email productivity solutions are here to help you become more connected, more social and more successful. So come see us at Booth 221 at Cloudforce!  Go ahead and register FREE now.  Cloudforce takes place on Wednesday, November 30 at the Javits Center in New York City.  See you there! If you can’t make it to Cloudforce but would like to see Tout + Salesforce in action, drop us a line at or call 866-548-1927.


How the RxHousing Team Responds to Hundreds of Inbound Leads Every Day

If you need housing, RxHousing's got it. As a premier corporate housing provider, RxHousing works with great clients all over the country.They're constantly working with hundreds of customers at once, adapting to everyone's needs, and responding quickly and efficiently to all their inbound leads.

With So Many Options, a Consistent Message is Hard

The RxHousing team has so many options to share with their clients, and each one is a little bit different. It's challenging to maintain a consistent message when you're talking to so many people at once. On top of that, choosing housing is a very personal decision. Nobody wants to feel like they're on a mass-mailing list when they are selecting their home, whether temporary or permanent.

Because RxHousing is so committed to a high level of service, they needed a way to send personalized messages without losing key details that outline housing options for their clients. RxHousing also has a large team of people working to find housing for their clients, so they needed to quickly edit and share key messages with their team.

The Fast Way for Teams to Communicate with Leads

RxHousing decided to use Tout to send emails to leads. They loved that the user-interface was so intuitive to understand, because they didn't have to spend time training their team on how to use it – it just worked. They can send personalized messages that are customizable to the individual in just a few seconds. Things move quickly at RxHousing, and with team templates, when one person makes an update to an email, it's immediately distributed to the entire team, so there's no chance for mixed messages. Plus, rich CRM integration means that updating the CRM is one less step they have to worry about.

Tout helps RxHousing stop worrying about the little details of managing their email, so they can get back to helping hundreds of happy house hunters.

If you're ready for your team to communicate with leads faster, take a page from RxHousing's book and try Tout today.


Sales 2.0: Is it really that different?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how the job of B2B sales has changed since I began my career (if I told you how long ago, I’d have to kill you).

When I started out in sales, the process was pretty clear-cut.

  • Prospect on the phone.
  • Set an appointment with the highest level contact possible.
  • Meet.
  • Ask questions, go through the consultative sales process. Discuss solutions.
  • Propose.
  • Provide proof.
  • Navigate corporate structures & politics.
  • Provide competitive information.
  • Renegotiate. Repeat several of the above steps.
  • Close.

Nowadays, people talk a lot about Sales 2.0, which as far as I can tell, really doesn’t have a solid definition. It’s the idea, based at least partly in reality, that “prospects have changed”, and therefore we as sales pros need to change too.

And I agree. To a point.

The tools we use are different. We spend less time in face to face meetings, in many cases. The duties that make up the day of most salespeople are different. We’re required to understand and utilize marketing. We’re active in social media and are constantly told that it’s a sales channel. We rely heavily on web content rather than printed materials, PowerPoint, and conference calls with the tech team. But when it comes down to it, B2B customers still buy the same way, and most importantly: for the same reasons.

They want a solution to a problem.

B2B customers don’t really care what’s “hot”, for the most part. They’re ready, willing and able to spend their budgets solving problems, not jumping on the latest tech bandwagon just for the sake of trying something new. Sure, they’ll still participate in social media interactions while they’re making their decision, but you’ll note that in these conversations they’re talking more with vendors than with peers. They’re looking for information. They want answers.  There's nothing really new about this. So has B2B sales really changed all that much?  What’s your opinion?


Michael Elmgreen: Speeding through the Everyday Sales Process

Michael Elmgreen knows what makes salespeople tick. He's head of business development for Handshake, the top rated sales order platform in the App Store. Handshake is perfect for anyone  who has to process sales orders – it helps salespeople write faster, bigger orders, improve cash flow by yielding less time to order fulfillment, and reduce cost reductions by making fewer mistakes.

Selling for Salespeople

Michael is in the unique position of selling to salespeople – he understands what their challenges are, and Handshake truly addresses those challenges. Still, it's Michael's responsibility to make sure that customers are engaged and understand how to effectively use the product to solve the problem. He spent much of his time reaching out to new and potential customers, finding ways to engage them and help them get the most use out of Handshake.

There were two major challenges in Michael's workflow. First, it took forever to look up and email address, copy and paste his message, and tweak it for each customer and their company. Second, he had no way to track actual engagement with the email. Sending email was basically a giant, untraceable vacuum, with no way to improve his message.

Tout + Handshake: A Better Workflow

Michael started using Tout to increase the number of emails he could send each day, and he used the Tout browser extension to do it. He would take his list of emails, put them into a Google Doc, and started clicking and sending. Tout's CRM integration was perfect, too – when he used Tout, he had sent an engaging email and added a new, completed contact to his CRM, all in under a minute.

Tout helps us be more intelligent about customer outreach and follow-up, and to make sure we're delivering a message which is resonating with users. I also really like the CRM integration.

Michael also found that by using Tout, he could see which messages resonated with people – he has certainly taken advantage of Tout's open and link tracking to improve his message.

Tout helps you minimize duplicative work while maintaining personalization and human feel.

With a personal tone, the right timing, and effective follow up, Michael has created some seriously powerful messages. Some of his templates have over 90% engagement! Do you know how many people are connecting with what you're saying? Are you using email as a major workflow tool, without having any way to track it? If you're ready to send email quickly and gain visibility into the email vacuum, try Tout today.


3 Sales Tips for Today’s Sales Professionals

As we all know, a large portion of sales activity takes place over email. Whether it’s prospecting, scheduling meetings, providing product information, sending contracts or any other of the many functions sales pros do every day, we spend a lot of time in our inbox. Some studies show that we spend over 80% of our day is spend on email.  That’s a lot of emails!


If you’ve been around for a while, you might still be stuck in the “old school” style of writing rather formal, business-y emails. That’s OK for some industries and some types of customers, but most of today’s prospects prefer to be approached in a different manner.


The rise of social media, mobile phone apps, constant connectivity, and the explosion of professional and personal networking means that the old-school barriers to open and friendly communication have largely broken down.  In today’s business world, approaching sales communications in a personal (but not overly familiar) way will lead to happier interactions, closer relationships, and more sales.


So here are my three top tips to rock your sales emails:

Be yourself.

When writing an important email, I sometimes like to speak out loud, then transcribe what I’ve said.  Writing the way you actually talk ends up giving a much more personal, approachable, believable tone to the final product.  Customers appreciate being spoken to like real people, so give this a try!


Be concise.

For better or for worse, information today is dispersed in bullet points and brief quips, as opposed to lengthy dissertations on why your product or service is best.  Distill your value statement into three distinct relevant benefits, say a sentence or two about each, ask for the next step, and then stop while you’re ahead. And edit, edit, edit!


Be consistent.

When you find an email that works well for prospecting, save it and reuse it!  Same for all the various types of sales processes.  Here at Tout, we call this templating, and it’s a major part of our product offering.  Why reinvent the wheel if you’ve got one that works?  Refine your message over time, keep an up to date template of the each type of message, and save yourself a lot of time and typing.  Not only will you see better conversion rates, but you’ll work more quickly and efficiently, and ensure consistent and professional messaging every time you contact a prospect.



Sales Manager Charles Pinto never lets sales leads fall through the cracks


Charles Pinto will make your life easier.

Have you ever tried to collect payments for an event or a charity function? Yea, it’s horrible. Or it used to be, before WePay came along.

WePay is the hassle-free way to collect money online.

So how is Charles Pinto going to make your life easier? He’s in charge of WePay’s sales team. Charles and his sales team are responsible for finding everyone who should be using WePay, rather than another, less efficient, more frustrating way to collect payments. New users can easily start using WePay, and there are no fees, contracts, or technical skills required. We’d call it online payment for dummies if it wasn’t so smart to use WePay!

WePay & The Sales Dream Team

The WePay sales team is known for targeting exactly the right customers. Charles and his team spend a lot of time searching for people they know are qualified leads, then sending them personalized emails. They are using a great CRM, but even the BCC to CRM function is a pain when you have to manually create a new contact when you send a new email, which they did – every time.

Even though the WePay sales team was doing a great job at finding new customers, it was a really tedious process because everything was manual. There was a lot of copy-paste, a lot of entering information here and entering it again there, and a lot of manual reminders.

Manual emails, manual email followups, followup reminders, adding contacts manually… Nightmare.

No matter how great a team is, when you have a system that requires so many details, it’s impossible to avoid a couple leads falling through the cracks.

Dotting i’s and Crossing t’s

Charles knew that the team needed a better way to share WePay with others, but it was hard to find a system that didn’t lose that personal touch. He still wanted to be able to send highly targeted one-to-one emails; the sales team was only repeating certain key points. He decided to try Toutapp, and he found that it solved more than one of his pain points.

When Charles and his team went to send emails to potential customers, Toutapp not only allowed them to send highly personalized emails, but it also auto-updated their CRM by creating a new contact and attaching the email. On top of that, Toutapp gave the team insight into who was reading their emails and checking out the product – so they knew which leads were hot. Toutapp saved WePay’s sales team a ton of time, and it helped automate the sales process so that it was much more seamless. Now Toutapp is an integral part of their high-functioning sales machine, and they didn’t have to change any core aspects of their sales process.

Tired of writing the same emails over and over? Try Toutapp.


Business Development Specialist T.J. Jones Doubles B2B Sales with Toutapp


TJ Jones certainly knows a thing or two about working with small businesses. He’s gone from working in his dad’s family business to growing a career in SaaS business development: he’s a linchpin at Monk Development.

MonkDev is a software development company that truly works for the greater good – they specialize in providing software and web development for non-profits and ministries across the country.


TJ Jones: Business Development

It’s TJ’s job to reach out to potential clients, identify how and why they would find value in Monk Development’s software, and build a relationship with those groups. He’s able to take a group that was once primarily in-person, and provide them with a robust online presence, expanding their impact in the local community and beyond.

TJ’s job requires him to spend a lot of time building relationships over email. Like most people who spend a lot of time in their inbox, it was a challenge for TJ to keep up with – he was constantly asking the same questions: Who did I email? Did they reply? When should I follow up? Plus, between sending an email and receiving a reply, there’s no way for him to understand what was happening to his emails.

TJ uses Tout to beat his sales quota

TJ wanted to find a better way to manage his emails, but he needed something that would work with his existing workflow. He started using Tout and it was a perfect fit – it allowed him to send the same emails he was writing before, standardize and track them, and send them much, much faster.

“The ability to move back and forth between different templates in order to reach multiple audiences has cut down the amount of time it takes to process email during my workday.”

For TJ, it wasn’t a matter of changing his business process, but rather finding a way to manage his day-to-day interactions.  As it turns out, making one small decision to use Tout made a huge difference:

At Monk Development, TJ’s business development role is critical, and the fact that Tout helped him double his sales in one month has had a huge ripple effect in the company. TJ is able to make an even bigger impact at a growing firm, and do it faster and more efficiently than before.

Are you tired of rewriting the same emails? Need a way to sort and track the templates you’re using? Try Toutapp.