Embracing the Cloud In Real Life: Toutapp + Dreamforce

Just a few weeks after we announced the initial stages of our Salesforce integration, Toutapp had the opportunity to see the power of Salesforce in action – we all made the trip to Dreamforce!

This year’s Dreamforce theme was the “Social Enterprise;” It emphasized the coming (or, arguably, existing) corporate social revolution: why businesses need to adapt their sales and marketing strategies to the new, dynamic social environment. It was great to have an opportunity to share Toutapp! (which you know we love to do…)

But that wasn’t all we did. Even as a partner, we found some great new products for our business, and we learned a ton about truly engaging users. Salesforce understands the importance of teaching their users how to kick butt at their jobs. That’s why so many people are willing to take a week to go to San Francisco: they know that Dreamforce is going to teach them something extremely valuable.

The partner program itself is exemplary of how much Salesforce cares about their users’ success. They make it easy for other companies to develop products that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, which in turn improves both the user experience and Salesforce itself.

The learning that happens at Dreamforce just goes to show that while the Cloud is completely revolutionary, nothing quite replaces meeting and learning in real life. Oh, and even the cloud is still tied to real-life devices…

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