User of the Week: How the Funniest Biz Dev Exec Gets Outbound Leads

Name: Sean Kester

Company: SalesLoft

Position: Outbound Business Development Executive

1. What’s your company/role?

My job as the Outbound Business Development Exec is to use our tool to prospect 50 new leads per day. I then import them into my CRM, push them to Toutapp, and start a 7 day cadence of emails and phone calls (touches) with the end goal being to schedule a demo.

SalesLoft is the simplest way on the internet to build the most accurate and targeted lists of leads. LinkedIn has over 260 million professional profiles and SalesLoft is the simplest way to find and capture this information…grabbing primary contact information, appending phone and email addresses, and injecting into your sales and marketing process.

2. Why do you love ToutApp? How do you use it for your job?

  • I have smart dynamic templates for every email occasion (First email, followup, breakup email, etc.)
  • Tracking clicks and views, and in turn, turning a cold call into a warm call when I dial.
  • The reminders located on top of emails help make sure I never let anything slip through the cracks.
  • During my cadence I use Tout to call from Google Voice. It then logs the call in my CRM and adds any notes I have taken from the call.
  • Once I have used SalesLoft to find my ideal customer profile I mass load them into my CRM as a lead, push the list to Tout, and can start my process seamlessly and flawlessly.
  • SalesLoft and Tout are honestly a fairy tail power couple.

3. Why Tout vs. other sales tools in the market?

I was given the responsibility to find an email tool for the BDR team to use at SalesLoft. I found that Toutapp has the best:  UI, customer service, integration with my CRM, and most refined features.

New members of the team can easily start using it efficiently with little to no ramp up time. Tout helps give users greater insight into the prospecting process helping to create more conversations and schedule more demos.

4. What was your journey into sales? “If at first you don’t succeed…”

My Background: I graduated from the University of Georgia “Go Dawgs” in 2012 and moved to Atlanta to find a job in sales. I met Kyle Porter, CEO, and interviewed for the first Sales Exec role at SalesLoft. I instantly fell in love with the company culture, product, and people who surrounded the Atlanta Startup community.

The Kicker: Kyle turned me down for the job due to lack of experience. He did say he would pull me out of where I was 6 months down the road… Heard that one before.

The Win: Well, in January of this year he called me up from the minors to be the first BDR at SalesLoft. I started as the first inbound rep and then moved to outbound. Within the next month I will start closing deals and I am loving every minute of it. Since January we have tripled in size and have no signs of slowing down.

5. What’s one of your favorite sales tricks?

Add as much humor into your emails as you can while still staying professional. If you can make someone laugh and show value you will win their attention.

When a prospect has not answered me over a 7day/7touch period, I send them an email with the last line asking if they are unresponsive because they are being chased by a hippo and add a picture of a man being chased by a hippo. 60% of the time I get a response every time.

6. Favorite email you’ve ever received?

Any email with humor.


Last week I sent out a cold email to a new prospect asking for a conversation about lead generation.

His response, “That depends, do you still have a mustache?” (which I do)

Needless to say I not only booked the demo but the deal closed as well. An email with humor coupled with the ability to show value sets the stage for quality dialogue.

**Congrats to Sean + SalesLoft for winning this week and making us laugh! We couldn’t be happier to have you on board with ToutApp. If you’re interested in being the next featured superstar, please apply here. **


“ToutApp gives me complete visibility into every single email I send”

Our featured User of the Week entry comes from Max Altschuler, VP of Business Development at AttorneyFee. Every week or so, we'll profile a different user who uses our platform to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here


I'm the VP of Business Development at AttorneyFee. We are a consumer legal startup aiming to help connect consumers with legal issues to credible attorneys in their area. On the Business Development side, we are constantly trying to find new partners that will drive consumers in need, to our platform. There are tons of potential partners in this space and is becoming very exciting.

Where does Tout fit?

I have been able to use Tout at two different business. At one, I was sending thousands of emails over the course of the week. At the other, I was sending twenty to fifty emails throughout the week, however a lot more personalized. Tout streamlined my process at both businesses and has made really easy for me to connect with more and more people. I can see what is working and what is not. ToutApp gives me complete visibility into every single email that I send off.

ToutApp has been a huge help to track and optimize our emails.

Why do you love ToutApp?

ToutApp allows me to stay organized and connect with partners in a timely manner. I can track everything that goes on between my outbox and someone else's inbox. This gives me the transparency I need to trigger follow up emails. It also acts as a very lightweight relationship management tool that I can use straight from Gmail. This is exactly what I need for a job that requires fewer overall connections but more depth to each one.

What is one unique trick you use with ToutApp?

ToutApp allows me to take the next step of action and hit call from the Live Feed. So, if I notice someone is viewing my email, I take that as an opportunity to call them straight from the Live Feed. It's a great little trick to get people on the phone. Especially, as they are looking over what you had sent them. 

I can attribute a lot of success to getting new customers and clients because of ToutApp.

For more tips and tricks for how to best use Tout, check out our Sales 101 page.


How Dyn Uses ToutApp’s Email Tracking and Analytics to Delight Customers

You’d never thought DNS and email delivery could get this exciting. Dyn are the coolest kids on the block making the internet work. They’ve delighted us with their Most Reputable Sender in the World campaign and their nontraditional take on classic internet memes.

When they’re not busy powering the internet, Dyn’s business development and marketing teams use Tout to improve their emails.

Tout is great for “reaching out to existing customers… Since there are wayyyyyyy more customers than there are BDRs, it helps us keep in contact with them all and inform them of other offerings Dyn has.” – AJ Garron, Business Development Rep

As a very customer-centric company (we’ve written about Dyn’s credo and how they put the customer first here), the Dyn team use ToutApp to stay in touch with more customers while keeping the conversation personal. Our templates save the team time re-writing the same communications, and email tracking kicks in to make sure that Dyn’s reps are engaging with the most interested customers.

“Our team loves using ToutApp. Efficiency and 'working smart' are some of our credos here at Dyn, and ToutApp is a major tool to help promote both of them. It's a great connection tool that we use every day.' – John Zahr, Business Development Manager

“ToutApp is a great tool to not only learn how effective you are at first impressions, but also increase the number of first impressions you can achieve in a work day. It makes your emails more about the customers, rather than yourself using its customized templates. If there is one tool in your marketing and sales teams’ hands that is fist pump worthy…this is it.” –Ryan O'Hara, Event Marketing

Tout’s offerings not only help Dyn send out a larger quantity of emails, they also improve the quality of them. Template analytics keep the team on top of their game by letting them know how effective each email is. Not only does Tout help Dyn succeed as a business, it lets them give their customers more of the information they want.

In fact, if you’re a Tout customer looking for your own email servers to send from, we definitely recommend that you check Dyn out. Existing Tout users can set up SMTP with them here.

You can learn more about why Dyn loves us by signing up for a ToutApp account today.


Trada Hones in on Hot Leads with Tout

About Trada

Online advertising is a crowded, confusing industry that Trada brings sanity to. They run the first and only crowdsourced, community-based marketplace for online advertising. Clients sign up, detail their needs, and are matched with industry experts, eliminating the need for a full in-house paid search team. Their business provides an easy solution that’s ideal for mid-market and larger small businesses.

We've profiled Trada in the past to spread word about a job opening for Business Development Reps. Check it out to learn more about their team and great culture – as well as their annual scooter race! 

The problem

Trada’s messaging and lead follow-up process were systematized, but they lacked key insights into their day-to-day sales communication. Their Business Development Reps weren’t sure which leads were the most qualified to follow up with, and they also weren’t sure what communications resonated the most with prospects.

The Solution

Trada’s sales and marketing departments worked together to get Tout running for the team. Marketing created templates for sales, and sales used these in their everyday communications to A/B test and gather usage metrics. Tout’s templates save Trada time writing repetitive emails, and they ensure that messaging is consistent across the team. As a fast-growing company, new Business Development Reps can quickly get up to speed on the sales process and messaging. Trada’s sales team can now gain critical insights on a lead-by-lead basis – by knowing who opened their emails – to hone in on the most interested leads with targeted follow-up.  

Tout enables our sales team to prioritize their day. In the past we wasted time chasing leads who never opened the emails we sent them. By using Tout we can now target prospects that we are confident have opened their email. Tout also gives us insight into how quickly they are opened, how many times and what action they take after reading,”
– Chris Crawfurd, Director of Training and Sales Enablement

Bonus: ToutApp best practices from the Trada team

  • Move recipients with the most clicks and views on emails to the top of the list for follow up
  • Have marketing and sales work together to create and test sales email templates
  • Follow up with an email or phone call when the Live Feed shows a lead viewing your email
  • A/B test sales templates to see which perform the best, then use the ones with the best statistics.

User of the Week: Reese Miller from Superhero IT Services

Hi, I’m Reese Miller, the head of Business Development for Superhero IT Services. I help identify and reach out to people who could benefit with some help with their IT infrastructure.

We do everything from cloud consulting to email marketing, so I need to stay productive and organized with my emails. Once I have a list of leads to reach out to, I’ll send them each a personalized, templated email.

Seeing which leads have the most engagement through ToutApp lets me prioritize them.

I’ll usually give a call to the people who have the most views or clicks on an email, and this helps me close a lot more deals. We’ve been using Tout for nearly six months now, and it’s made a huge improvement to our sales process.

If you are a small to medium-sized business and need help with your IT, shoot me an email and I’ll connect you with one of our superheroes.

Every other week, we’ll profile a different person who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.


User of the Week: Max Altschuler from Udemy

I'm Max Altschuler and I've been doing Business Development and VIP Outreach as part of the content team for Udemy for over a year now. Udemy helps students make moves and learn new skills online. Whether you want to get promoted, break into a new industry, start a company, further a passion, or just accelerate your life, Udemy helps you learn from the amazing instructors in the world, so that you can get there and get there faster. Our expert instructors have taught over 400,000 students on Udemy, helping them learn everything from programming to yoga to design to salsa and more. 

We've been using Toutapp since the beginning of my tenure and couldn't be happier with the product and service it provides. We are able to track our emails and tailor them to convert better every time.


With ToutApp's analytics, we can usually pinpoint whether we need to change the subject line, parts of the body, or the email recipient list in general. We can email a group of recipients in minutes, even with slightly different copy using mail merge dynamic fields. With an emphasis on user data, Toutapp's tracking allows us to analyze data and react quickly and properly.

Every other week, we'll profile a different person who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.


Should You Send Those Sales Emails on the 4th of July?

First of all, Happy 4th of July. Although we have users using Tout all over the world, we are based in San Francisco, so we decided to take the day off and spend time with our families and friends and appreciate all that this country has to offer.

Nevertheless, for a small upstart like us, there's never enough downtime. So naturally, I woke up this morning and decided to check up on how our systems were performing and how the emails were being delivered.

The first thing I look at is our Tout Happiness Command Center. It aggregates all pertinent details about our business and puts the most important thing up-front — the number of emails being touted over the past 72 hours across our different integrations (which includes Gmail, Outlook, iOS, CRMs and our own web-based app).

Although we saw a bit of a spike early Wednesday morning (our customers outside of the United States ), you'll see that email creation dropped down to near weekend levels as the day progressed.

This got me thinking… 

Is the 4th of July pretty much a dead period of Sales Emails?

So, I decided to dig into the data. Writing emails was one thing, but with ToutApp, you're also able to see and track whether people are engaging with the emails you've sent (we track views and clicks in real time).

The first thing I looked into was the number of “Email Open” events we were detecting across our system and across all of our users. I first looked at Tuesday to see if people started to engage less with your emails when leading into a holiday

As the graph shows, No! People were opening just as many emails the day before 4th of July (by and large) as the past 16 or so Tuesdays before it.

Then, I decided to take a look at Wednesday. Since its still about Noon PST over here, I decided to compare to the past 16 or so Wednesdays but only looking at data for the number of hours that has passed into today.

Surprisingly enough, while there has been slightly less views today than previous Wednesdays, its not wildly off. More importantly, the engagement stats don't represent nearly as high of a drop off for the 4th of July holidays that the send stats do.

So, Are Sales People lazy? Are they missing out on an opportunity to get their message across during 4th of July?

Seeing that people were clearly viewing emails, it bugged me that our customers weren't logged into Tout and sending out emails to their prospects. Were our customers missing out on a great opportunity to get up top on the Inbox?

So I decided to take a closer look at the Email Send traffic going through Tout adjusted for user growth to get a relative measure:

Now if you've been paying attention, you'll know why I got confused here. It looked like very few people were logged in, but we were infact sending a ton of emails out! So then, I ran one more query — which made me one incredibly proud Founder:

Turns out, both were correct.There were very few people “actually working on Tout” but a significant number of our customers were smart enough to make sure Tout continued to work for them even though they were out of the office. Tout customers went in and scheduled a number of emails to be sent throughout 4th of July.

So there you have your answer, you should send sales emails during 4th of July — here are the conclusions:

  1. While people may be at barbecues, fireworks, etc at 4th of July, righ talong with posting their Twitter and Facebook updates, they are continually engaging with their Inbox.
  2. 4th of July is still a great time to continue to move your sales process forward. You may not close deals, but you can most certainly make first contact, grow awareness or move forward in the process.
  3. And lastly, you yourself don't have to be stuck in the office to keep things moving forward. Put automation into place, schedule your emails with Tout.

Are you using ToutApp for your sales, business development and business emails yet?


Business Development Specialist T.J. Jones Doubles B2B Sales with Toutapp


TJ Jones certainly knows a thing or two about working with small businesses. He’s gone from working in his dad’s family business to growing a career in SaaS business development: he’s a linchpin at Monk Development.

MonkDev is a software development company that truly works for the greater good – they specialize in providing software and web development for non-profits and ministries across the country.


TJ Jones: Business Development

It’s TJ’s job to reach out to potential clients, identify how and why they would find value in Monk Development’s software, and build a relationship with those groups. He’s able to take a group that was once primarily in-person, and provide them with a robust online presence, expanding their impact in the local community and beyond.

TJ’s job requires him to spend a lot of time building relationships over email. Like most people who spend a lot of time in their inbox, it was a challenge for TJ to keep up with – he was constantly asking the same questions: Who did I email? Did they reply? When should I follow up? Plus, between sending an email and receiving a reply, there’s no way for him to understand what was happening to his emails.

TJ uses Tout to beat his sales quota

TJ wanted to find a better way to manage his emails, but he needed something that would work with his existing workflow. He started using Tout and it was a perfect fit – it allowed him to send the same emails he was writing before, standardize and track them, and send them much, much faster.

“The ability to move back and forth between different templates in order to reach multiple audiences has cut down the amount of time it takes to process email during my workday.”

For TJ, it wasn’t a matter of changing his business process, but rather finding a way to manage his day-to-day interactions.  As it turns out, making one small decision to use Tout made a huge difference:

At Monk Development, TJ’s business development role is critical, and the fact that Tout helped him double his sales in one month has had a huge ripple effect in the company. TJ is able to make an even bigger impact at a growing firm, and do it faster and more efficiently than before.

Are you tired of rewriting the same emails? Need a way to sort and track the templates you’re using? Try Toutapp.


Hello from ToutApp’s New Director of Sales & Business Development


Hello, I’m Cynthia, and I just joined Tout!  I’m very excited to be joining the company at this key phase of its development, and to be a part of the future of how we all communicate via email. Here’s a little bit about me, and how I came to be a part of the Tout team:

Much of my career was spent in enterprise software sales, pitching big six-figure software systems such as enterprise search, content management and internal help desk tools to corporate CIOs. This experience was great because it taught me how to analyze business issues and develop & present technological solutions to solve them. It also taught me the golden rule of ROI, namely, the bigger the better! Some of the companies I’ve worked for include AltaVista, Equilibrium, and Netopia.

In 2002, the business climate was changing, and I was ready to try something new and very different. I founded a bootstrapped eCommerce startup specializing in ultra- luxury handbags, and within 18 months had grown the business to a $2M revenue roll.
I truly enjoyed the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur, and of course the success was enjoyable too, but when my twin children were born in 2008 I chose to move on from that role to that of a stay at home Mom. I lasted six months. If you have kids, you understand!
In my next role, I headed up business development for a family-owned commercial supply business in NYC. I was responsible for the automation of many significant aspects of the business, online and offline marketing, as well as hiring training and managing a sales force. Once the CRM and POS systems and sales team were fully in place and running smoothly, I felt that my work there was done. I was ready to return to the tech startup world.
Which brings me to Tout. I first learned of Tout, and TK, via Twitter, where I was following the 500 Startups accelerator. I already knew that I wanted to work with a startup, and when I read TK’s Tumblr on the activities of a founder the day after funding, I knew I’d found a winner. His passion and vision were apparent, and as anyone who has ever held a job or started a company knows: email really is broken and needs to be fixed. I wrote him an email that same day, we met for lunch a few days later on his latest whirlwind trip to New York, and the rest is history!

I’m truly excited to be joining Tout, and about the great things the team has in store for the future. My responsibilities will include direct and organizational sales, business development partnerships, as well as marketing, and most likely some window- washing, airport-shuttling, and lunch-ordering since this is a true startup! I’m ready and willing to jump in with both feet, and I hope you’ll join us on the journey. Please do feel free to contact me for any sales, partnership, or business development inquiries. I can be reached at, or on twitter @cynthiaschames. I look forward to hearing from you!


Cynthia joins Team Toutapp to lead up Sales and Business Development

Today, I’d like to welcome Cynthia Schames, the newest member of Team Toutapp!

I set an explicit goal at the beginning of this summer to turn this company from the “Royal We” a.k.a. just me running the company to a real team where each of the key functions to run this business would have a capable lead.

We kicked off the summer by hiring Derek Hopper, to lead up Engineering, then Margaux Guyonneau joined us to lead up Community Management. And, today, we’re filling the 3rd key pillar with Cynthia Schames joining the family to lead up Sales and Business Development.

Cynthia has done outside sales, inside sales, and has even run her own business. One of our investors described her as a “true unicorn.” More importantly, she brings a sense of hustle and passion that is turning out to be a core tenet of Tout’s company culture.

I’m seriously excited about what she’s planning to do to spread the word about Tout, and with her on-board, I am more optimistic than ever before about our future. Here’s to making it rain.

Welcome Cynthia! She’ll be posting on the blog soon to introduce herself.

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