Toutapp makes CC and BCC on your Emails work better

One of the best things about being an Email startup is that we get to take a fresh look at things that has been there for AGES and figure out how to make it better. Because of this, every time a customer requested the ability to CC or BCC, we held off. We wanted to get to the core of how people use CC and BCC and help improve it from the ground up, without losing the simplicity that it brings.

Today, we’re excited to announce Toutapp’s support for CC and BCC fields with a few enhancements of our own. It works the same way as any other Email client, but also does more to help you communicate better and more effectively (as you’ve come to expect from Tout). Check out the video or keep reading for more.

Here’s a video of how it works:

Using CC and BCC with Toutapp

As with any Toutapp email, you can send a message to a person or a group of people using the app. If you’d like to copy or blind copy someone, just click “copy others on this email.” You can choose to copy just one person, add a list of emails, or you can copy an entire Toutapp group.

CC and BCC saved with a Template

Do you have a team template you’d like to be copied on each time it’s used? You can set up a CC or BCC rule on a template, just by clicking on a template you already have and adding the person you’d like copied. After you set up the rule, you’ll never have to worry about copying someone again!

What’s next for Toutapp?

As we gear up for 500 Startups Demo Days, we have quite a few other features we plan to announce. We’ve been hard at work rolling out the features that are important to you, and we’re always listening to what you want to see next! Feel free to email us at if there’s anything else you’d like to see.

Tired of copying and pasting the same emails over and over again? Try Toutapp.