SURVEY: 70% of Marketers Want More Meetings With Sales

Nearly 90% say that intra-team meetings help improve marketing outcomes and results

ToutApp, the sales platform that helps salespeople close more deals through advanced email tracking, templates and analytics, today announced the results of a commissioned study examining the frequency and effectiveness of intra-team communication between marketing and sales departments within B2B organizations. More than 300 B2B marketers across the U.S. were polled between November 2 and November 6, 2015.

70% Want More Meetings

Among all marketers surveyed, 70% said that they want meet with their sales teams “more frequently” to review and discuss strategy.  

“Research shows that organizations with aligned teams, where marketing and sales communicate frequently, experience higher year-over-year growth in annual revenue,” said Tawheed (TK) Kader, CEO and Founder of ToutApp. “Marketers and sales need to step outside of their siloes and come together to drive greater value for their organizations. Our data finds that the desire is clearly there, but the organizations themselves need to take advantage and implement a regular meeting system across teams.”

89% Say Meetings Boost Results

When asked to describe how effective or ineffective intra-team meetings typically are in improving marketing outcomes, the overwhelming majority of those polled, 89%, deemed them “effective.” There was room for improvement, however, with 51% citing them as “moderately effective” versus 39% “very effective.” Only 11% of marketers called marketing and sales team strategy meetings ineffective.    

“Intra-team meetings are overwhelmingly positive,” added Kader. “For B2B marketers seeking to improve marketing outcomes and drive better results from the top of the funnel down, it starts with sales alignment.”   

25% Cite Metrics as Top Challenge

The top challenge preventing marketers from meeting with sales to discuss strategy is that marketers believe they “measure success differently” from sales. 25% picked this as the biggest hurdle, followed by “my company doesn’t have a system in place for regular meetings” (22%) and “our goals are different” (16%).

“When looking to enhance intra-team communications, it’s essential that both departments understand why each side uses their respective metrics and how those metrics can be used on the other side,” said Kader. “This establishes a baseline with which both sales and marketing can leverage to evaluate their respective performances.”

Almost Half Want to Discuss Lead Quality

When asked to identify what they would like to discuss with sales teams the most, the top four focus areas among respondents were:

  1. Lead generation quality and conversion to sales: 46%
  2. How messages are received and questions that arise in their delivery: 40%
  3. Problems leads say that they’re facing in sales conversations: 32%
  4. Competitive companies that come up in sales calls: 27%

“Even if sales and marketing have different priorities and personalities, they share a common goal – to increase revenue,” said Kader. “For any business, you want to ensure that both halves of the funnel are aligned and aware of each other’s goals. The easiest way to do that is by facilitating consistent communication between the two departments, discussing everything from lead quality to the competitive landscape.”

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