Salesforce Email Templates and Tracking on AppExchange

Today, we're excited about announcing the #newAppExchange on Salesforce.

Six months ago, we launched ToutApp on the Salesforce AppExchange, bringing better email tracking and html templates to Salesforce users. Since becoming a partner with Salesforce, we've acquired customers that are part of an incredible new audience of sales professionals at great companies.

We've even met some amazing individuals at the awesome Cloudforce and Dreamforce events that Salesforce is so good at hosting — and we've even emerged with a five-star review as part of an elite group of apps that are transforming business.

We've also worked to transform our product with a new Outlook version and even deeper integration within Salesforce for sending HTML templated emails. We're so honored to be a part of this enterprise that's all about innovation and disruption.

Last night the new AppExchange went live, bringing with it an improved interface to discover new apps and services. We're grateful we get to be a part of this awesome ecosystem, and we're loving the new layout. Huge kudos to Salesforce and the AppExchange team for all their hard work – it definitely shows!

You can visit Tout and see the AppExchange's new look here: 

Also, here's a video to learn more about how ToutApp brings Email Templates, Tracking and better collaboration with your leads and contacts to Salesforce.