Sales Manager Charles Pinto never lets sales leads fall through the cracks


Charles Pinto will make your life easier.

Have you ever tried to collect payments for an event or a charity function? Yea, it’s horrible. Or it used to be, before WePay came along.

WePay is the hassle-free way to collect money online.

So how is Charles Pinto going to make your life easier? He’s in charge of WePay’s sales team. Charles and his sales team are responsible for finding everyone who should be using WePay, rather than another, less efficient, more frustrating way to collect payments. New users can easily start using WePay, and there are no fees, contracts, or technical skills required. We’d call it online payment for dummies if it wasn’t so smart to use WePay!

WePay & The Sales Dream Team

The WePay sales team is known for targeting exactly the right customers. Charles and his team spend a lot of time searching for people they know are qualified leads, then sending them personalized emails. They are using a great CRM, but even the BCC to CRM function is a pain when you have to manually create a new contact when you send a new email, which they did – every time.

Even though the WePay sales team was doing a great job at finding new customers, it was a really tedious process because everything was manual. There was a lot of copy-paste, a lot of entering information here and entering it again there, and a lot of manual reminders.

Manual emails, manual email followups, followup reminders, adding contacts manually… Nightmare.

No matter how great a team is, when you have a system that requires so many details, it’s impossible to avoid a couple leads falling through the cracks.

Dotting i’s and Crossing t’s

Charles knew that the team needed a better way to share WePay with others, but it was hard to find a system that didn’t lose that personal touch. He still wanted to be able to send highly targeted one-to-one emails; the sales team was only repeating certain key points. He decided to try Toutapp, and he found that it solved more than one of his pain points.

When Charles and his team went to send emails to potential customers, Toutapp not only allowed them to send highly personalized emails, but it also auto-updated their CRM by creating a new contact and attaching the email. On top of that, Toutapp gave the team insight into who was reading their emails and checking out the product – so they knew which leads were hot. Toutapp saved WePay’s sales team a ton of time, and it helped automate the sales process so that it was much more seamless. Now Toutapp is an integral part of their high-functioning sales machine, and they didn’t have to change any core aspects of their sales process.

Tired of writing the same emails over and over? Try Toutapp.