Introducing the Sales Leader’s Guide to Building a Revenue Generating Machine [eBook]

Sales Leadership has always been a tough job. Between managing the dynamics of a team, navigating through a complex B2B buying process and figuring out the best tools to build and add to your sales stack—it amounts to a lot of stress and challenges.

We’ve spent hours researching and worked with our community of Sales Leaders to distill down the four top challenges that every leader faces and how they’re spending the budget to solve those challenges.

To fully understand where a Sales Leader’s challenges are rooted, let’s review the current State of Sales:

  1. 33% of a Salesperson’s time is actually spent selling. – CSO Insights
  2. The average company spends $10K – $15K hiring an individual and only $2K a year in sales training. – The Bridge Group
  3. Only 57% of reps said they are equipped with strategies, tools and skills to exceed their numbers. –  Harvard Business Review
  4. 67% of all Salespeople do not attain individual quota. – Altify

So, that’s the bad news. The bad news is that even with an excess of tools, best practices and sophistication—Sales teams are still not winning. The good news is that you, the Sales Leader, can build a revenue generating sales stack that support your playbook. 

This eBook covers:

  • The four top challenges every Sales Leader faces
  • The key areas of investment you should make to overcome those challenges
  • How a sales success platform properly aligns with your sales process

Download the Sales Leader’s Guide to Building a Revenue Generating Machine eBook to get informed, motivated and transform your sales team into a revenue generating machine.

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