Sales Hacker Conference 2014: NYC

“I see Sales Hacker’s Conference as an exciting fresh start to what an event about sales could be about.”

-Aaron Ross, Author of bestselling book, “Predictable Revenue” Built the outbound sales team for (+ $100m in revenue)

“As an early sponsor of the Sales Hacker Conference, I can say that this one is unlike any other startup show you’ll see.”

Ryan Buckley, Cofounder & COO of, a content marketing company

For Who:

  • Startup CEOs, Founders, Early Biz Hires that have found product market fit and are ready to start selling.
  • Early Stage Sales Teams starting to navigate the waters and are ready to streamline a sales machine they can scale along side the growth of their company.
  • Growth Stage SDRs and Account Executives trying to get a step ahead of their competition by being more efficient in opening and closing deals.
  • All Sales Directors, Managers, Executives


We’re bringing together today’s top sales professionals, experienced CEOs and Sales VPs, and talented entrepreneurs that are using technology to change how their companies execute and optimize every step of the sales process.

We’re proud to be in the rockstar lineup along with industry thought leaders at Salesforce, Hubspot, Acquia, Sailthru, Foursquare, Salesloft, and more.

Also, here are 5 things you’ll learn at the conference.


Thursday, April 24, 2014 @ 9:00am


McGraw-Hill Conference Center
1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020


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Featured Speakers: