5 Ways to Drive Sales & Marketing Alignment with ToutApp

So you’re a marketer.

You’ve worked really hard to define messaging for your company and create the right voice, tone, and branding. You’ve got a company newsletter, a marketing automation strategy, and a number of campaigns running currently. Sales is another story, though. You have next to no idea what their communications look like, or what they’re finding, messaging-wise, is generating success.

So you’re a salesperson.

You’ve been working on your pitch ever since your first day on the job. You know exactly what approaches work with certain leads, and that’s taken time and a lot of anecdotal data. You’re managing daily email contact with prospects, following up, sending a lot of the same emails. You know marketing is using their own automation systems… but you have no idea how these affect you, and your messaging seems totally different.  

The gulf between marketing and sales organizations and their messaging is evident across enterprises, and it has the potential to hugely cripple productivity. Despite having the right tools – mainly a CRM and marketing automation solution – companies need a way to send intelligent, trackable day-to-day emails to customers. Tout fills this gap and allows sales and marketing to work together in a unique way. The marketing-sales alignment isn’t solved by board meetings or forced reorgs – marketing and sales can work together by actually collaborating and gaining insight into each other’s success metrics.

Here are 5 ways sales and marketing can work together through Tout to nail down customer messaging:

1) Creating messaging

First off, you need a communication plan and a uniform way to communicate with customers on a daily basis – Tout lets you do this by creating email templates for things like setting up meetings, following up with prospects, and sending over proposals. Tout lets you create your own email templates, or you can click “Share with Team” to collaborate with others:

Through Tout, marketing can work to create templates and messaging for sales, and sales can work to refine these. Or vice versa. Either way, this process of drafting content lets both organizations gain visibility into each other’s messaging to compare best practices.

2) A/B testing

Here’s where things start to get pretty awesome. Sales and marketing can test different templates side-by-side to see what sort of approach works best. We’ve pushed out a “Clone this template” button to make it super easy to make subtle changes from a parent template to compare the effectiveness of your communications.

3) Reviewing Metrics

We’ve done an overhaul on our success metrics, so you can now see a visual representation of how often your team has used certain templates and how successful they’ve been. View your own stats, or those of everyone who has used certain templates. The best thing about this: complete transparency. It’s a scary concept, but making all of these metrics clearly accessible forces sales and marketing orgs to really see what’s working in one central place.

4) Sharing best practices

Using our new notes feature (!), members across teams can leave comments and write feedback around pieces of communication – how effective they are, what sort of audiences they work best with, snippets from recipients’ responses, etc.

5) Uniting your technology

Tout isn’t here to displace your mail client, marketing automation solution, or CRM. We let you send emails through your current mail systems, we work in tangent with your MA service, and we’ll integrate with your CRM. We exist to add tracking, templates, and mail merge to your daily email efforts. Using all of your customer-facing technologies together with a unified strategy helps break down silos, so we’re here to help!

By using Tout, sales and marketing orgs can work to unite workflow and messaging. In the coming weeks, we’ll be including some success stories from companies whose sales reps and marketing teams use Tout. In the meantime, be sure to check out our revamped Templates page – we’ve added some great visualization data and extra-helpful statistics for you and your team.