Sales Acceleration via Stage-Based Content

What’s the best sales email prospecting strategy to convert your ideal clients? Take a cue from your marketing team and use stage-based content to determine your prospect’s interests, preferences and readiness for a conversation. We can lean into the method by Matthew Sweezy, author of Marketing Automation for Dummies, and apply it to your outbound sales email prospecting efforts.

Yes, today’s buyer is in control of the sales process because they can easily self-educate; however, sales professionals like you are much better off due to the depth of data and insights captured as the buyer’s journey is chronicled online and further facilitated by your sales email platform (e.g. ToutApp).

Your ideal prospects are typically in one of four broad modes – awareness, research, consider or commit – and you need to quickly determine which one.

In the second touch of your sales email prospecting campaign, include two content assets (via ‘link to file’ in ToutApp). The first content asset — an article or informative blog-post– is clearly geared to those in awareness mode. The second content asset – a pricing guide or implementation plan – is clearly geared to those in commit mode.

The content asset that drives engagement can be used to structure highly relevant communications with the prospect – basically zeroing in on the solution of interest and how fast/slow you advance the conversation. The Live Feed is your best signaling mechanism for insight into prospect preferences.

Here is a sample script:

Dear Ideal Prospect,
Attached is an article summarizing the regulatory issues discussed at Trade Show X last week. Also attached is an implementation plan for organizations allocating Q4 budget to this area. I will contact you Friday morning to discuss.
Best regards,

10x Sales Leader

If the prospect clicks on and reads the implementation plan (commit mode), then jump on the phone and support their evaluation with your own insights.  If they click on the article, then keep dripping and focus on higher priority targets.

Leveraging stage-based content in your sales email prospecting tool keeps everyone happy.

• The prospect is happy because you are providing very relevant support
• You are happy because you’re not shooting in the dark
• Your marketing team is happy because they know which content is converting
• Your sales manager is happy because you’re being highly productive

About Jeff L. Herrmann
A champion of B2B sales and marketing alignment and brand audience development, Jeff is passionate about leveraging content, sales automation technology and data to enable enterprise organizations to accelerate sales and realize extraordinary growth. A commitment to leadership development, learning, and teaching, Jeff has a live laboratory to experiment in every day as the Founder of SalesQuants and the Chief Revenue Officer ofFathom: Digital Marketing & Analytics. Jeff is a resource to both Sales Executives and CMOs because he understands the dynamics of their relationship.