Release Notes: Boost Email Deliverability and Gain More Options for Compliance

As an email sender you probably know that being a good citizen in the email space means being compliant with CAN-SPAM.

You’ve always been able to use unsubscribe links in ToutApp but we’ve enhanced our capabilities to give you and your organization better control over when they are used.

Outside of your taking steps to be compliant, there are other benefits to including an unsubscribe link in your email communications:

  1. Reduces the probability of your emails becoming blacklisted
  2. Minimizes bounces
  3. Improves inbox placement (rather than going to spam folders)

With this in mind, we’ve improved the way opted-out (unsubscribed) contacts are managed in ToutApp.
Before we dive in to the updates, let’s revisit how unsubscribes work in ToutApp.

Regular Unsubscribes:

This unsubscribe is enabled between one ToutApp user and a contact. For example, if this ToutApp user is you, the unsubscribed contact will no longer receive emails from you – but anyone else in your company using ToutApp will not be blocked by ToutApp from sending transactional emails to this contact.

Block Unsubscribes:

This unsubscribe is enabled between the contact and everyone in your company using ToutApp. This means that if a contact “block unsubscribes”, no one in your company may contact them using ToutApp (or ToutApp integrated with other applications) going forward.

Review of Unsubscribe Sync

Unsubscribe Sync is a great way to make sure that anyone who is marked as Email Opt Out in (SFDC) is marked as Block Unsubscribed in ToutApp and vice versa. There are a few important things to keep in mind with this feature, with a full explanation of each of these scenarios further down in this post:

Does your team use Email Opt Out in SFDC in the same way that ToutApp uses Block Unsubscribe?

  • The sync does not remove an unsubscribed flag from a synced system. If you want to remove a Block Unsubscribe or Email Opt Out, they must both be removed manually.
  • Block Unsubscribes are subscription-wide.
  • We require a SFDC ID to be stored in ToutApp for the Unsubscribe Sync to work

Email Opt Out in vs. Block Unsubscribe in ToutApp

If your team syncs the Email Opt Out field with Marketo, then turning on the ToutApp Unsubscribe Sync may not make sense and here’s why. It is important to understand what your organization uses the Email Opt Out field for and whether it’s to achieve the same outcome as a Block Unsubscribe in ToutApp. For example, if the Email Opt Out field is primarily used for removing people from Marketing campaigns, then using Unsubscribe Sync could block your contacts from receiving one-off, non-commercial or non-promotional emails from your sales team.

The Sync Does Not Remove an Unsubscribe Flag from a Synced System

The Unsubscribe Sync is built to ensure that Email Opt Outs are marked as Block Unsubscribes in ToutApp and vice versa. It will not sync the removal of an Email Opt Out or Block Unsubscribe. If you want to remove the Block Unsubscribe and Email Opt Out you will need to remove them from both places. If you remove the Block Unsubscribe from without removing the Email Opt Out in Salesforce, then the Unsubscribe Sync will mark the contact as Block Unsubscribe once again.

Block Unsubscribes are Subscription-Wide

If a contact is marked Block Unsubscribe in ToutApp then anyone using ToutApp will not be allowed to email that contact. All ToutApp users who have the contact marked as Block Unsubscribe must remove the unsubscribe from the contact record if they want to send ToutApp-enabled non-commercial emails to this contact once again.

Now that we’ve recapped existing unsubscribe functionality, let’s take a look at how the new enhancements work.


  1. All duplicate contacts are now unsubscribed if:
    1. A contact clicks on an unsubscribe link in a ToutApp-enabled email
    2. A ToutApp user unsubscribes a contact in the Person Details view in ToutApp
    3. A Block Unsubscribe is applied to a contact that has duplicates
  2. If a group email has 20 people or more, ToutApp automatically adds a Block Unsubscribe link in the email
    1. This cannot be edited
    2. Of course, a ToutApp user will still need to assess whether an Unsubscribe or Block Unsubscribe link should be added to group emails sent to less than 20 people, depending on the content and purpose of the email
  3. Block Unsubscribes are added to ToutApp Campaigns, regardless of the number of people you are adding to said Campaign
    1. Please note that this has only been applied to Campaigns created AFTER June 7, 2017
    2. And, you may update this setting on a Campaign by Campaign basis by going to your “Settings” section of an individual Campaign and updating the “Unsubscribe” checkboxes.
  4. If a contact has been block unsubscribed and you try to email this contact from Gmail (in either the To, Cc or Bcc field) you’ll get a notification that the contact has been unsubscribed and you may not email them using ToutApp

    1. This happens in as well
  5. If a contact in the Cc or Bcc field of an email has previously unsubscribed from a ToutApp-enabled email, they will not receive the email they are cc’d/bcc’d on – however, the email will still go out to the main recipient (if they are not unsubscribed)
    1. You will be alerted to this in the Alerts bell in the top navigation bar in


You can learn more about ToutApp unsubscribes and how we interact with Salesforce Opt-Outs in our Help Center.

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