Release Notes: Analytics Enhancements

This week, we’re delighted to share our latest updates to ToutApp. Back in November, we totally revamped Tout Analytics to bubble up best practices across the team. Since then, we’ve continued to improve the performance and speed of our analytics pages. And this week, thanks to your direct feedback, we have made the following improvements:

Updates across all pages (Team, Me and Content Analytics):

All columns that have both percentages and number values have sorting functionality:
  1. Default setting – high to low #
  2. Second click – low to high #
  3. Third click – high to low %
  4. Fourth click – low to high %

Team page updates:

  1. The Top Templates leaderboard has been removed
  2. We’ve added two new stats to the Rep Leaderboard
    1. Unique people emailed
    2. Total # of emails sent using a Tout template
  3. All columns except for “Rank” are sortable by clicking on the blue icon


Every new release of ToutApp includes improvements to our infrastructure and overall performance. As new features and bug fixes get rolled out, we’ll let you know, here.