Reflecting on the Quarter here at ToutApp

Tawheed Kader August 4, 2016

Every startup in Silicon Valley has switched to a mode of ensuring they run their business efficiently so that they can be here for the long run; ToutApp is no exemption. Over here at ToutApp, we’ve made changes which required us to lay off a part of the ToutApp team. It was a tough pill to swallow, but we knew it was medicine we needed so that we can become a sustainable and profitable business in the long-term.

Over the past three months, our team adapted to a better way of doing business. We switched from a mode where we just hired more people as we got more customers to figuring out how to improve our systems and processes so that one person can do more and our customers can get what they need faster and more efficiently.

In addition to our internal operations, we also continued to innovate on product (check out our product blog) so that the ToutApp platform is better than ever.

While it sounds obvious to look at the data and make decisions, companies don’t always make the tough decisions. Because of decisions we made to improve the business, we just finished a quarter where we closed more revenue than the previous quarter, we’ve closed more six-figure deals than any time in the company history, our retention rates are trending upwards, and we’re coming away with a core set of employees that are working better together than ever.

We’re committed to being the best sales success platform in the business, and while that requires us to make tough decisions in the short term, we’re happy to start to see the long-term benefits of being a better run business.

This means that customers will continue to enjoy one of the most advances sales platforms in the world and we will thrive as a company that can control our own destiny and be here for the long run.

  • Mike

    having worked at both large and small firms over +10 yrs – ToutApp is a prime example of how top leadership (TK) has not led, rather exterminated culture and trust in your leadership. The platform is second rate and more importantly the culture is close to non-existent. Easily worst experience I have had and happy to have moved on.

  • Note to TK

    Having seen the ups and downs of countless startups – ToutApp and it’s ‘leadership’ in TK could be the most embarrassing. Not only a CEO who is all smoke and mirrors – but more so does not care about clients nor his employees. Let’s just put it this way — there are way better solutions out there including the goldstandard ‘’ There is a reason why 40% of the ToutApp workforce has been cut and just a hint… it’s the leader and chief…. he represents what is dark about the valley money over people and clients … shame on TK — (i realize he will not likely see this posting — as someone manages social media – unless they have been cut) — if not please send him this — he is either keenly unaware of his actions or just a power hungry person — either way it’s pathetic.