Physicists To Test If Universe Is A Computer Simulation, Possibly Make Phone Call

You can always count on an interesting conversation happening during the team lunches here at ToutApp. One such example happened yesterday when the discussions turned to the possibility of time travel, which inevitably lead to the idea of multiple dimensions and finally ended with Morgan Freeman's show Through the Looking Glass which is starting to become a team favorite.

Interestingly enough, Steven spotted this interesting article on the Huffington Post about how physists beleve we may very well be living inside of a computer simulation or a computer simulation inside of a computer simulation and are devising a way to “test” it.

Physicists To Test If Universe Is A Computer Simulation

The theory basically goes that any civilisation which could evolve to a 'post-human' stage would almost certainly learn to run simulations on the scale of a universe. And that given the size of reality – billions of worlds, around billions of suns – it is fairly likely that if this is possible, it has already happened.

And if it has? Well, then the statistical likelihood is that we're located somewhere in that chain of simulations within simulations. The alternative – that we're the first civilisation, in the first universe – is virtually (no pun intended) absurd.

Thats all well and cool. But the end of the article struck our fancy the most:

Zohreh Davoudi, one of Savage's students, goes further:


“The question is, 'Can you communicate with those other universes if they are running on the same platform?,” she said.

Now that would be a long-distance phone call.

On the contrary, it probably wouldn't be a long-distance phone call. Knowing our track record, and the way our society works today, the first extra terrestrial, multi-dimensional or cross-simulation communication will probably be over Email.

And if you're smart enough, you'll use ToutApp to send said email, so you can track when our new friends view it, and maybe even track if they click through to NASA's website ;)