On Spreading Happiness

One of the most predictable responses I get is when I mention my job title: Happiness Officer. People will smile and ask what I really do, or say “Does that mean you have to be happy all the time?” or “Will you arrest me if I frown?”

(For the record: yes and no.)

On any given day, you’ll find me answering user support questions, tweeting out with our customers, writing down users' feature requests, profiling customers like I've done before on this blog, and finding creative ways to make our customers happy. What I do varies day by day, and it falls into a wide range of tasks.

Tout differs from most companies — even growing startups — that have buckets for marketing, customer service, and sales. If you put yourself in the mind of a customer buying a product or asking a question, though, does it really matter if the rep you’re talking to is in sales or support? Does it matter that customer support works closely with product and engineering teams, while marketing is left out of the picture? These complex internal structures exist for the benefit of the company, not the end user.

Tout's internal structure focuses on the external: our customers. Creating broad job titles like “Happiness Officer” allows us to be generalists and provide the best possible experience to our users. This way there's no silos, no struggle for alignment, and no dedicated handoff between people and departments. My job title alone is a testament that Tout is dedicated to delivering good service.

Title aside, my day-to-day work serves as a constant reminder of Tout’s bottom line: that the business is around our customers, and we want our customers to be happy.

So, for your daily dose of happy, I bring you this. And also these:

So, what makes you happy? And how can we make you as a Tout user more happy? Tweet @toutapp or let us know in the comments.