New to ToutApp? How I am managing my new email.

I just entered the world of ToutApp. My email received a makeover and I joined the team as a Happiness Officer. Let’s talk about what’s important here. As a new ToutApp user I came to an important realization. 

It is always difficult to make a change.

I was accustomed to the glaring subject lines in my inbox. In the chaos of my inbox, where were the emails and replies I actually cared about?  With an outbox full of emails the one pondering question in my mind was the big uncertainty of who read my carefully handcrafted email send out the day before.

My email is now an outlook for productivity, helps me manage my workflow and discover what communication is working and what is not working thanks to ToutApp. In real- time I see who viewed my email. My questions are answered. Did my prospect engage with the information I sent? When should I make my move and call?

Some highlights from my week

  • Discovering and becoming addicted to the Live Feed
  • Learning the ins and outs of integrating ToutApp with my Gmail and Salesforce
  • Crossing Market St. during the Giants parade to get to work

Start Touting.

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