My Best Sales Hack

I recently was on a screen share and saw an inbox on the other end of the screen that was immaculately organized! I was actually suprised and a tad bit jealous to see such a clean looking inbox to be honest. If you're an avid emailer you probably understand my pain of owning a mess of an inbox. Working at ToutApp I've become completely email obsessed, so of course this discovery of a poster child for a perfect inbox got me pretty excited. 

Here is how I came to love Gmail's multiple inboxes. 

The Problem

I live and breathe email (and a lot of Salesforce) so Gmail for me is where I spend a lot of my time. The big problem was my Gmail inbox looked like a Rubix Cube before it was solved — a complete jumble. 

The bigger problem was the important email responses from hot leads that were getting buried in my inbox. 

Writing sales emails and follow ups with the goal in mind to get a reply is always at the top on my mind. With ToutApp I've been able to hone my messaging to identify what email messaging and follow up typically generate replies.

Too many replies is a good problem to have, but a messy inbox makes it difficult to prioritize and manage following up efficiently. I needed to find a way to make it easy to identify the most important email replies in my inbox. 

The Solution 

Multiple inboxes. Beyond just the ability to organize your read, unread and starred emails, I discovered creating filters was the best way to keep important replies easy to identify in my inbox.

If you're not feeling my excitement just yet, here's how I've put this solution into play.

New ToutApp users are typically put on a 5X5 drip. This is made easy with templates and auto-follow up. One of my inboxes filters only replies from new ToutApp users on the drip.

My most important inbox filters what I deem to be important replies. I've named this inbox “big deals” Example: I send over an email to set up some time to chat with a decision maker connected to a “big deal” I've followed up a handful of times and receive a one-liner “10am Wednesday”.

How to get started?

  1. Head on over to Gmail Settings. Go to labs and enable multiple inboxes. 
  2. You should now have a “multiple inboxes tab”. Once you click on the tab you'll see the option to create different searches.
  3. Create your search queries. This is the key to organizing your inbox. Example: subject:(re:type in your subject line)in:inbox
  4. Rearrange. Choose the positioning of your new inboxes.
  5. Lastly, enjoy your new organized inbox!

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