Maximize your Sales Responses with Reply Tracking

ToutApp just got a little smarter

It’s always been our goal to give you real-time insight into your daily emails so that you can be more productive. We’ll tell you when someone views your email, clicks on a link, and most recently when a recipient visits your website.

Replies matter

But real conversations aren’t just about tracking. For lack of a better word, they’re about… conversing, the give-and-take of replying back and forth. Having to wait around for your dream customer to respond to your email is frustrating.

That’s why we recently rolled out reply tracking for the vast majority of our users. Now, if a prospect responds to your email, we’ll display this in the Live Feed along with all of our other tracking information.

Here’s a video that shows reply tracking in action:

Right now, reply tracking works for our Gmail and Google Apps users. We’ll be extending this to our other integrations soon. We’re also looking to roll out some cool new features with this technology soon, such as alerting you if an important email does or doesn’t recieve a reply after x days.

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