Margaux Guyonneau joins as Community Manager

Hi all, I’m Margaux Guyonneau (that’s Gwee-in-o), and I’m the new Community Manager for Tout. I’d like to start out by saying I got this job from Twitter. Kindof.

Sometime in March, I was home studying for an exam. Read: I was on Twitter. It was so Gen-Y of me. I’ve actually checked Twitter 38 times since I’ve started writing this post. Anyway, I saw a tweet from Matt Shampine (an advisor for Tout) asking if anyone was looking for a job as a Community Manager for a great startup; I tweeted him back, he introduced me to TK (CEO of Tout), and the rest is history. How I started incessantly checking a NYTech Twitter list is a longer story…

I recently graduated from UVa (go Hoos!), where I majored in Latin American Studies and History. I absolutely loved it, primarily because my homework was to read really cool books about completely random stuff. Did you know that there is a Vodou Priestess living in Brooklyn? Well, there is, and her name is Mama Lola.

Even though I loved my classes, I knew going straight to grad school wasn’t for me. I still didn’t know what I wanted to do, though, so I decided to try my hand at “business.” Since “business” isn’t a job, I started getting ideas from older friends who were looking for jobs and internships, and I thought I’d give marketing a shot.

The summer after my third year, I worked for a marketing consultancy in Atlanta (go Braves!). My job was to research social media marketing strategies. I started reading Mashable, TechCrunch, BoingBoing, and a bunch of other tech blogs. I couldn’t get enough. Once I got back to school, I kept up with and expanded my reading list, eventually to include WeAreNYTech, which is how I started following Matt.

There were so many great startups in New York, and I just knew I had to get involved. I was reading, reading, reading: every blog post, article, and tweet on my NYTech twitter list, and I took as many technology and bus-dev related classes I could get into. I even took intro to Computer Science last semester. I may not be a hacker (yet), but I can use Java to draw white dots on a black screen OR black dots on a white screen. Impressive, I know. You should ask me about loops and recursion.

When I did my research on ToutApp, I was completely blown away. Let’s be honest, email is annoying. At the time, I was sending a lot of these emails: “Dear blank, Someone gave me your contact info. I’d love to talk to you about my job search. etc.” It was unbelievably time consuming to constantly rewrite the same email, so I worked on a template for it. I knew ToutApp was the kind of application that could make everyone’s day-to-day better, and who wouldn’t want a job that improves people’s lives?

I had known that I wanted to move to New York for a while, and even though my job wasn’t set in stone, I decided to take a leap of faith and move up; I had a hunch my plans would work out. Turns out I was right, because TK offered me the position right before I moved. There was a lot of jumping up and down in my living room (sorry I’m not sorry). I honestly couldn’t be more excited about working for ToutApp!