March Madness Sales Tips

Do you want to learn how to :

  1. Improve your Free-throw percentage.

  2. Get the best seed ranking on your sales team

  3. Rebound the ball from your clients

If you think about it, basketball and sales draw very similar parallels. There’s teamwork, there’s strategy, there’s practice, and of course, A GAME TO WIN! Since we’re in the March Madness spirit, here’s some “new” sales terminology that will help you close more deals in terms of the basketball.


Remember this year when Mercer (14) beat (3) Duke? It’s the same for your company or startup; so believe in the vision. One day you’re working 10+ hours a day under the radar, and the next thing you know you’re featured in Tech Crunch. A strong team and teamwork will shake the court. 5 steps to better teamwork can be found here

Technical Fouls:

How do we avoid them with customers? Be truthful and upfront. Transparency makes the whole process easier and shifts the “salesman” mentality in a more positive light.

Traveling (aka sloppiness):

Not following up with your prospects. Have integrity: if you say you’ll send a resource, send it at the exact time you said you would. Take the extra steps to be reliable.

Super Fans:

Every team has a few die-hard fans that cheer them on. Know who your champions are and make sure they know they’re appreciated. You never know when you’ll need them for a testimonial, case study, or who their connections are.

Seed Ranking:

To get that automatic bid, always make sure you add value to your client. Be a “Social Seller” (Yes, your LinkedIn posts and Tweets DO make a difference). If you’re posting articles that are relevant to the clients in your pipeline, you’ll position yourself as a mini “thought leader.”


Are you at 80%?  Template analytics makes your outreach more accurate so you can see what’s working and what isn’t so you’re guaranteed to make it in the hoop!


Use insight to take back the ball at the right time. Let’s say a prospect has gone off track and hasn’t returned your calls for a few weeks. See when they suddenly scan your email again and call them at the moment they’re thinking of you!

Dribbling (aka drip campaigns):

Let’s say you’ve missed a few shots on emails, and a prospect hasn’t gotten back to you. By using auto follow-ups, you’ll eliminate the number of shots you miss (maybe you don’t make the first basket, but you can make the second or third).

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