Liam Horan Helps People find a Job – Fast!

Anyone who has looked for a job understands the importance of representing yourself in a solid, professional manner. From the resume, to the cover letter, to the interview, consistency of personality and presentation make a huge difference in whether or not you get the job.

Enter Liam Horan

Liam has created a company, Sli Nua Careers, that teaches job applicants how to truly sell themselves to a potential employer. Through their online-based CV writing and interview coaching, they have helped job applicants secure employment all over the world. By teaching applicants how to indentify their strengths, Liam helps people not only market themselves better, but he also helps them to understand where their individual talents can be best applied in a company.

The Business Process

Because much of Sli Nua Careers’ business is focused on providing individual attention to clients, most interactions are facilitated by email. All the little things that go into a consultation, like sending the first resume, sending an updated version, scheduling an appointment, sending links to videos and other relevant content, are all done over email.

In order to remain relevant, Sli Nua Careers has to practice what they preach – they needed to have consistent, professional messaging, at each and every point of contact. Otherwise, how could they promote the same thing to their clients. That’s why Liam Horan decided to use Tout for his Sli Nua Careers team.

Tout has really helped to create a professional look to everything we do.

Scaling Customer Interaction

One of the best ways to help customers in a one-to-one consulting setting is to increase the number of times you’re in contact with them. For Sli Nua Careers, using Tout was the difference between only sending the most necessary emails and having the time and the tools to send regular, helpful updates, like a new job posting.

Tout has made a huge improvement – it allows us to interact with more customers and potential customers on a daily basis.

Tout has drastically changed the efficiency and speed of Sli Nua Careers’ business process. If you’re ready to streamline your high-touch business, try Tout today.