Let’s Talk About Sales Relationships

Sales relationships are tough. Let’s face it. We work hard to build connections and establish these relationships. We hate it when a lead goes sour, rejects us or simply falls through the cracks.

With the New Emails Tab Tout makes it a lot easier to nurture your email relationships and follow up with the people you care about most. Not only am I able to keep track of my Active Leads, I can even create a Tout group of “Lost Leads” so that I can email them a few months from now and see if things have changed — all with a few clicks.

Today, I'm here to tell you how you can share Tout groups and your relationships within your team.  


Rediscovering the possibilities with Tout Shared Groups. Much more than just a stagnant list of contacts. 

I create a series of groups for myself. These groups help me keep track of my contacts, what’s the next step in communication and make sure I am always moving forward. 

Jon shared a group with me last week after the launch of our Partner Program called  “Thought Leaders.” Cool, now I have the names of some the most influential leaders in the sales space. 

My day is filled with distractions. I need to remember who I need to coordinate schedules with, send invites from my Gmail calendar and most importantly train to become ToutApp experts.

I’ll grab the contacts from Jon’s shared group who I am emailing to keep track of my follow up. I can easily move people in an out of “Training for Thought Leaders” to keep my group up to date.

Three new ways you can use shared groups

  • Improve your team’s productivity. Share target groups across departments and keep communication up to date in one place.
  • Pass along groups of contacts within your team. Perhaps a group of qualified leads, hot leads engaged with your proposal or maybe a group of customers that needs some extra love from support.
  • Target your emails with the right messaging. Share a group of relationship who did not engage with your previous campaign to redirect follow up.

Start sharing groups today. Check the Relationships Page and start sharing.