Learn Which Leads are Visiting Your Website

Before the days of email tracking, you would send out emails and have no idea what happened to them. It was a complete mystery whether your messages were received, viewed, read, or forwarded to others. That’s why we created ToutApp, a simple way to track and manage your day-to-day sales emails.

Are Your Leads Browsing Your Website?

But there’s always more that can be measured. The people you’re emailing are visiting your corporate website, for instance, and clicking around to visit various pages. We knew it would be helpful for our users if they could see which leads were visiting their site. So we introduced Tout Site Tracking.


Track Site Visits in the Live Feed

If you're a ToutApp user, you're probably already addicted to our Live Feed that shows you when your emails are being viewed or clicked in real-time.

Now, with Tout Site Tracking, we'll show you when visits are happening in real-time as well. We’ll log repeat visits and show which pages your email recipients clicked through to. This helps shed insight on your leads’ behavior so you can craft the perfect follow up… or better yet, call the lead right then and there to help.

Are you using ToutApp?

Along with site tracking, we offer view and click tracking, templates, email analytics, CRM integration, and team collaboration features. Check out ToutApp today to get powerful insights into the actions of the people you’re emailing.

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