Knock On Wood: The Power of Positivity

It’s often said, that bad things always happen in threes. I’ve always been a bit superstitious, so here’s an example of one of my unlucky days last week:

1. A man peeing on the bus right next to me  (that’s SF for you!)
2. Got a “maybe” after selling a prospect for weeks
3. And, a call where I just fell flat on my face. I froze.

It wasn’t the best of days. But THEN, right as I’m laying low in the trenches, I received a call from the decision maker I’ve been trying to get in front of forever. YES! The curse was lifted. And so, being my superstitious self, I knocked on wood.

I wanted to keep this lucky streak going. But, how could I?

While “knocking on wood”, rabbits feet, and lucky horseshoes can get you pretty far, the real power comes from positivity. Positivity is a huge part of of our culture here at ToutApp so thought I’d share some tips.

Here’s how you can incorporate positivity into your day:

1. Wake up each morning excited for the day. Psychologically, the same feeling of anxiety is similar to excitement in our brains. You can make yourself conciously switch from anxious or negative thoughts like, “I have so much to do today, I don’t want to go to work” to “Wow, I’m excited for the day and have no clue what will happen. Let’s nail this!” It’s a crazy idea but give it a go.

2. Constantly tell yourself you are the BEST. This might sounds egoistic, but it always helps me reset any negative thoughts of overcoming challenge and fear. If you’re having a bad day, follow the movie Cool Runnings, and go in the bathroom to say this chant. You’ll come out feeling like a champion.

3. Spread the positivity to your team. Collaboration, positivity and open communication are keys to success. If you are a part of building a success team, you need to keep positivity an integral part of it. TK, Tout’s CEO was my inspiration for this tip. Just last week during our daily stand up, TK said, “This is a marathon and not a sprint, so remember to take a break, reflect, and stay positive.”

4. Be resilient. Bad things happen in threes or maybe you have three sets of three’s. Remember, it’s not forever. Learn from your experiences, but don’t let them hold you back. Forge forward.

5. Surround yourself with positivity, and don’t let negative energy bring you down. If you’re in sales or customer success, you can probably relate to this. Ever have someone chew you out for no reason at all? Don’t let these people bring you down. Positivity is contagious. When I get off a team training with a sales team that’s crushing it, I use that energy to carry over to the rest of my day.

6. If all else fails, look at some pugs.

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Have an amazing day and always remember bad things happen in threes! Just get back up and BE POSITIVE! :)