Keep Calm and Party with Sales Peeps

It’s National Salesperson Day!

Next Friday, March 7th, is one of ToutApp’s most cherished holidays of the year: National Salesperson Day! In turn, we’re throwing YOU a party! Join some of the smartest sales professionals in the city for cocktails, famous sliders, and good ol’ happy hour fun.

When: March 7th from 5:30-7:30pm (Click for automatic calendar invite)
Where: Marengo-1980 Union St.  San Francisco, CA 94123
How: Get your Eventbrite Ticket here

Why are salespeople an important (best) part of Silicon Valley?

If it wasn’t for sales teams’, many companies wouldn’t IPO or get the press that we read about in the tech mags we skim each morning. Sales can drive a company’s growth and contribute to it “making or breaking” it.  That’s some serious power if you ask me.

And, you’re not just a cold-call sales (wo)man. You’re data driven, strategic, and analytical.
Your intuition for understanding people puts you above the rest. According to Inc. Magazine, Salespeople are thought leaders and early adopters for some of the most important aspects of the business world, i.e. smartphones and CRM systems.

However, San Francisco, and the tech community in general, praises techies aka engineers as their bread and butter. I’ve heard of finding fees being up to $10,000 dollars for each engineer. What are you worth? We think a heck of a lot more than that. Also, in terms of numbers, we’re the unsung heroes in Silicon Valley (read more).

Sales Peeps, I say it’s time to fight back! And by fight back, I mean fight for your right to… PARTYYYYY!
Three things to get you on the guest list:
Let’s stand together and celebrate the most magical day of the year: National Salesperson Day! (Yes, we’re not making this up). It was started in 2000 by Maura Schreier-Fleming, a thought leader in  Sales training. We’re only inviting the top kickass salespeep’s in the city. Wondering how you can party with us?

To be a Kickass salespeep you must have:
1. Motivation and Drive
2. Competitive Nature
3. Wit, Charm, or that Je ne sais quoi trait helps you close. those. deals!


If this is you,  motivate yourself and drive over to Marengo in SF, March 7th from 5:30-7:30. Compete for some of the most amazing sliders you will ever have touch your lips, and maybe (we’re not promising anything), use your wit/charm/je ne sais quoi to help you meet other awesome sales peeps like yourself. It just might be a love at first sight moment…well, at least for the sliders and Team ToutApp. :)

Get your Eventbrite Ticket here