Introducing: ToutApp’s Practical Guide to Social Selling

B2B buyers are spending more time on social media conducting research before they make their purchase decisions, because of that action alone, Salespeople need to spend more time on social media. Today’s modern Salespeople must adopt Social Selling as a core strategy within their existing methodology to remain relevant to their buyers.

The Current State of Sales

According to SiriusDecisions, 70% of the buyer’s journey happens before they talk to Sales, which means that the time spent researching on social is coming into play more and more. For Salespeople, participating in Social Selling allows them to engage, earn trust and authentically reach out to prospects earlier in the buyer’s journey.

In our latest eBook, ToutApp’s Practical Guide to Social Selling, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build a Framework for Social Selling
  • Create a Social Selling-Ready Profile
  • Do Social Selling and Apply the Framework
  • Track the Metrics that Directly Impact your Business

We’ve also pulled together leaders in the space including Koka Sexton from LinkedIn, Bill Cushard at ServiceRocket and Blake J. Harber at HireVue.

“Social Selling is the route that Sales is going down and for any company that hasn’t adopted it yet, you’re behind the curve.” – Blake J. Harber, Manager of Inside Sales – Account Development at HireVue