Introducing Tout University

Our goal at ToutApp is to build the leading sales success platform to empower Salespeople. Over the past few months we have been heads down working on a special project just for you. Today, I’m excited to share that we are one step closer to our goal with the launch of Tout University.

Tout University is now the go-to destination for anyone who wants to learn how to incorporate ToutApp into their daily workflow and modernize their sales processes and strategy.

Why Create Tout University?

We know that as a Salesperson, your role is rapidly evolving to keep up with the changing demands of your buyers. Today, the job of a Salesperson is to be consultative. You need to educate your clients, define requirements, connect them with resources and people, help them through the evaluation while continuously selling throughout the entire process.

We also know that learning a new technology can be daunting and bit overwhelming; especially during a time when the Salesperson’s role is going through such a transformational shift like it’s going through now.

We believe that education is an integral part of success in a Salesperson’s journey. That’s why we created Tout University. Tout University offers you the tools and resources needed to navigate your way through your first weeks of using Tout and on to the next stage of transforming the way you work. Tout University will ultimately help you prospect better, close more and manage smarter.

What You Can Expect

The first phase of Tout University immediately addresses the needs of our new customers. The newest (and in my opinion most exciting) resource that we have for you is an interactive Getting Started Guide that will walk you through your first week of using Tout. Each section includes activities so you’re able to instantly apply your newly learned skills back into Tout.


Alongside the Getting Started Guide, we’ve launched our Getting Started Webinar Series which offers a New User webinar and Power User webinar each week. These webinars are hosted by one of our Customer Success Managers and includes a demo, activities and live Q&A.

If you’re like me and you’ve got a short attention span, we’ve produced bite-sized videos on specific features in Tout. We like to call these videos Toutorials. The Video Library houses the Toutorials along with the webinar recordings.


What’s Next

The next iteration of Tout University will be focused on helping you move past the basics and focus on how you can strategically use Tout to transform the way you work. We’ll be building out our best practices sections to help you prospect better, close more and manage smarter with insights.

Our commitment to our customers is threefold: to continually educate, inspire and support you, so you can accelerate your business and career forward. We want Tout University to be relevant and helpful in this journey. If there is anything specific you would like to see in Tout University in the future share your ideas in the comment section of this post.


Tout University is the ultimate destination for learning and success with ToutApp. You can check it out here, today. We hope you enjoy it.