Introducing: Tout Professional Services

Today, we're happy to announce Tout Professional Services. For our customers, you'll continue to enjoy the standard support that you've always relied on from our Happiness Team, but these new service packages will be available at an added cost for more hands on support.

Professional Services to leverage the most advanced Sales Communications Platform

We're leading the change in a brand new category called Sales Communications. Although we've done a ton of work and continue to do so to help our customers including our Help Desk & Knowledge Base, our Sales 101 sessions on best practices, and even books on writing better emails, we felt like we could do more.

So, for those sales teams that want to join us in our journey to take their sales workflows to the next level, to use ToutApp to the max, we're introducing Tout Professional Services.

How Can Professional Services Help?

We've built out ToutApp to be super simple and easy to onboard into. And ofcourse, our Happiness Team is always availble to help support you over Email. But, if you're looking for a more hands-on and partnered onboarding, training or just for advanced implementations, this is where Professional Services comes in at an added cost.

  1. With our basic services package (starting at $495), you'll get one-on-one time with one of our Happiness Officers to set up ToutApp, get the lay of the land, and properly integrate it with your Email, CRM and even your mobile phone.
  2. With our advanced package (starting at $1,200+), you can work with a Happiness Officer and Tout Engineer to take advantage of some of the more advanced aspects of our sales communications platform. Here are a few examples of how we can help:
  • Setting up website and activity tracking so that you can track everything from Initial Email to Website Visit to an actual revenue occuring event. By setting this up, you'll be able to track and analyze what kind of messaging actually drives revenue.
  • Integrate Tout into your internal databases so that you can get real-time customer information (billing, administrative, etc) right inside of Gmail, Outlook or your Live Feed.
  • Set up white-labeled domains so that you can keep a consistent brand identity across your tracked emails
  • Set up Single Sign On and go through other IT-related audit checks
  • Set up Email Drip Campaigns so that your reps can focus on closing deals rather than having to constantly follow up
  • Configure custom SMTP servers
  • Create custom email triggers based on actions taken in other business systems
  • …and more, seriously the sky is the limit with our platform thats specifically designed to increase your sales productivity

Startups providing Professional Services

When it comes to the startups (which we are) the term “Professional Services” has some negative connotations. So, I wanted to take a moment and explain our rationale around kicking off a services arm to our otherwise product-focused high-growth business.

With startups, its all about zero-touch, highly viral, self-serve models that can scale enormously to multiple millions of users — and make money. It has worked beautifully well for consumer startups like Facebook, Instagram, and say SnapChat. But what about B2B businesses? I know, you're saying “But Dropbox..” — hang on. Dropbox did a fantastic job going after individuals with a great product, but as our Sales Heroes page shows, as soon as they started to approach Enterprises — what did they do? They hired sales people. In fact, 8% of Google, 17% of LinkedIn, 30% of Box are Salespeople and that my friends is the ultimate example that a completely self serve model just doesn't scale when it comes to B2B businesses.

At the end of the day, businesses are people, and people have problems, and they want to talk to human beings to get solutions. And its not just about getting said solutions, they want to talk to a human being to understand the possible solutions, the costs associated, and compare and contrast with competitors and then decide on their final plan.

As we thought through these core driving principles around B2B, we felt strongly as a team that adding a Professional Services arm would increase our customer's success and our own success. Reading this post by venture capitalist Mark Suster helped in the decision too.

In Conclusion

We're very excited to be adding this services offering to our seriously strong product side of our business. To learn more about the packages and to explore whether we can help, check out the Services page we've put together.