Introducing Tout for Tout

We can make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. — Winston Churchill

Its a lesser known fact that we never started out building ToutApp to be a sales productivity tool or a email analytics platform. We never imagined that the software we build would end up helping salespeople be better at their jobs or marketing and sales work better together. Although we’ve grown up to do a lot of these things and are slowly becoming the leading provider of Sales Email Analytics, we started this company nearly two years ago with one simple goal: help people communicate better.

In that spirit, we’re more excited than ever to introduce the Tout for Tout program so that we can take helping people and helping people communicate to a whole new level.

Introducing Tout for Tout

Although the majority of our paying customers and our user base (we don’t consider those two things the same thing) are businesses and business professionals, we’ve always recognized that nonprofits could greatly benefit from our platform as well.

For nonprofits, outbound communication is of utmost importance. And what many profits don’t realize is how most of their recipients are super-receptive to their emails.  People are more likely to open an email from a nonprofits than most industries combined.

But many nonprofits lack the resources and tools to take that extra step after they have hit send on their emails. They’re often run by volunteers that require re-training, have budgets that can’t always justify the fanciest tools and more importantly, can always use more help.

That is why we are introducing a new initiative called Tout for Tout that gives nonprofits the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of ToutApp for FREE thanks to in part by our paying customers.

How does Tout for Tout work?

For Every ToutApp Enterprise Edition Sold,  we’ll donate ToutApp, for free, to a nonprofit interested in improving their email communications and productivity.

We hope this model spreads to more startups

The “Tout for Tout” program is about taking our platform and making it available to the types of organizations that can’t necessary spend the big bucks but are out there every day actuating positive change in this world.

And its not about just our software either. Our Happiness Officers and Engineers have also pledged part of their time to help these nonprofits make use of these tools as well.  We’re super excited about this program and we hope that over time this type of model gets adopted by other startups as well.

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