Introducing Tout 2.0


Today, we’re excited to officially announce Tout 2.0. This blog post will provide an overview of what we’ve quietly been releasing over the past few weeks. As always, the best way to truly found out what Tout is about is to take it for a spin.

What is Tout?

Tout is a simple e-mail client. Today, it can only send e-mails but it helps you do it faster and it gives you insight that other email clients cannot. If you tend to send the same emails over and over, Tout is for you.

We’re just getting started though. We believe we’re building the future of Business Email by fixing one pain point at a time.


We had the esteemed honor of demoing Tout at the last New York Tech meetup. So if you’d like a personalized tour of Tout 2.0 by yours truly, check out this video first.

Here are the 4 big things we’re really excited about with Tout 2.0.

1. Send E-Mails faster than ever before

With the new Tout Bookmarklet, you can now send emails using your Tout Templates in 4-clicks, instead of what usually takes 10+ clicks using Copy-And-Paste or even Google Canned Responses. Also, with our integration with Gravatar and Rapleaf, we also start to show you (securely) relevant information about the people you are emailing.

2. Organize your Outbox

Everyone does this. You send an email, and constantly keep track in your head whether the email was sent, whether the person responded, or even whether the email was successful. Finally, Tout helps you keep track of all this automatically and gives you an instant status update on all your important emails.

3. Share Tout with your Team

One of the biggest requests we had from our customers was the ability to share a Tout account with their team. Now, you can sign up for our new Team plan (for only $99/month) and share Tout with up to 10 of your team members. You’ll also be able to share templates and analytics across the team giving you a whole new level of visibility into your team’s email communication.

4. Tout goes mobile

You can now send Tout E-mails by sending a simple text message. While we definitely want to build a mobile app in the future, we thought the most effective way to take Tout mobile would be to allow you to control Tout via simple text messaging. Here’s how I’m using it:

In conclusion…

We’re really proud of how far Tout has come. Hopefully it will solve a lot of your day to day email problems as well. If you have any thoughts or just want to get in touch, please e-mail us here: