Introducing, the Email Template Library

Today, we are introducing a new product here at Toutapp; we are calling it the Email Library. It is going to be a place where you can learn how to write life’s most important Emails.

Need to pitch investors? We’ve got a template for that.
Want to set up a meeting IN UNDER 3 EMAILS? We’ve got a template for that.
Teachers: Want to know how to Email your students’ parents effectively? We’ve got some templates for that.
Want to break off that terrible relationship over Email? We’ve got a template for that too.

Email has a million different uses—and we are going to help people use Email more effectively by teaching them how to write better Emails. Email Library is going to be a complete platform that is designed to teach and educate people on how to write life’s most important emails. I’m super excited about this—I hope you are too!

How does Email Library Fits into our Vision for the Company?

Our goal as a company, since Day 1, has been about helping people communicate better. We just happen to have been doing it so far by building Email technology. And, while Tout’s innovations in the Email space has already helped thousands of people communicate better, we’ve come to realize that technology alone will not be able to help us humans communicate better, we need some non-tech or rather lo-tech solutions as well.

How does Tout fit into the picture?

Don’t worry, we’re not all giving up our “day jobs” and dedicating our lives to writing Email templates. In fact, we are opening up a Partnership Program (contact us here if you are interested), where people from all different walks of life, experts in different fields, can contribute to the Library with meaningful content that will teach people how to communicate better over Email, with the simple idea of Templates.

And of course, with Tout being undoubtedly the best tool out there for helping with Email, templating and analytics—it makes a ton of sense for our business to help foster this environment.

What’s Next?

Email Library was a 75 hour project for Derek and me. It is simple for the reader, but has a lot of strong technology backing it so that it not only makes it easy for readers to start using the templates in Tout, but also for experts in all different fields to easily contribute their knowledge into the platform. Needless to say, we are extremely excited about the possibilities this will be opening up. Stay tuned.

Are you an expert in a particular field? Want to get exposure for yourself and your consultancy? Become a Partner for the Email Library here.