Introducing Sales Campaigns

Here are some sobering stats: It takes about eight call attempts to connect to your prospect and 30 touches to close a deal. To capture your potential buyer’s attention in today’s noisy world, a multi-channel outreach program that includes emails, calls and social outreach is a must. However, this can be a lot of steps to keep track of, especially if you are managing them manually – and this can hold you back from growing your pipeline or closing deals.

Scale your Outreach Effectively With Personalization

To overcome this challenge effectively, we’re launching Sales Campaigns today. Sales Campaigns is a series of emails, calls, InMail and custom tasks that allows you to translate your Sales Playbook into an easy to execute workflow.

Campaigns are a great way for your prospecting team to scale outreach efforts, stay consistent with messaging, easily keep track of all tasks and measure effectiveness along the way — without turning your team into a robo-mailer. It is also a critical tool for your deal closing team to keep track of the numerous activities and conversations required to move the deal forward, automating the grunt work and always knowing the right message based on what is working.

ToutApp is a tool which allows my team to be twice as productive in half the amount of time, while still having the ability to personalize each email. This flexibility and automation, while still having complete control as a manager, ultimately leads up to more of what we all want, more sales.” said Melinda Mathews, Sales Manager at Agility Recovery. Agility Recovery was among the dozen companies participating in the early access program for Sales Campaigns.

Our mission at ToutApp is to empower Salespeople and it’s through efforts like Sales Campaigns we reinforce our commitment to do just that. We built Sales Campaigns to give you the full control over the level of personalization and automation depending on your needs. With Sales Campaigns, you can schedule automated emails and still keep them relevant with dynamic fields or personalize each group email for key accounts.

If you’re an existing ToutApp enterprise customer, watch our Sales Campaigns Toutorial to get started right away.

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