Introducing: Live Salesforce data across ToutApp

Ever since we launched the Live Feed last year, we've been continuing to improve it every day to not only give you real-time insights into whats going on in your sales process but also make that data as actionable as possible.

In the past, with the Tout Live Feed, you've been able to:

  • track email views and clicks
  • track when presentations are opened (right down to the slide)
  • track when your website is visited
  • and with one click, dig into more details about the person

When you clicked on the name of a person, we did two key things for you:

  1. We gave you as much details about the person as possible in terms of contact information
  2. We made it super easy for you to take the next step, either as the form of a sending another email, a follow up phone call, or a direct link into the CRM record

Today, we're officially announcing another layer to that. From now on, you'll also be able to tap into your live Salesforce information which will neatly summarize the contact record, the account and even the current opportunity you have open with the person. 

Tout already keeps your CRM up to date for you with your email activity, but now, we're making it that much easier to reference all that information to help you make real-time decisions. Best of all, since the Live Feed already integrates right into Gmail, Outlook and your mobile phone, this data is available to you everywhere.

For the adventerous, you'll even be able to add an additional data feed that hooks directly into your company's database; so that you can get real-time insights into things that help you close more deals.

To set up ToutApp with your Salesforce account, you can check out our AppExchange listing

Note that at this point, you do most likely need the Enterprise edition of Salesforce for this to work, or atleast an add-on that allows for API access.

For help with integrating ToutApp into Salesforce or your internal databases, check out our Professional Services offerings.