Introducing, Followup Reminders For Your Sales Emails

You know what’s a real pain? Remembering to follow up on your most important emails. Fear no more, the “followup” problem has finally been solved.




Now, whether you’re in Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce or Tout’s native platform, you can use this nifty little screen to remind yourself to follow up on an email:

Now, the biggest pain point we’ve had with other follow up services was that your reminders would once again come back to clog up your Inbox. While this works for most business professionals, we think its a deal-breaker for salespeople. As we’ve said in prior webinars, your Sales Inbox needs to be the place where your most important customer communications are all the way at the top — not mental notes to yourself, and certainly not marketing emails. So, the last thing we wanted to do was add more chaos to your already chaotic sales inbox.

So, we decided to take all of your follow up reminders, and bubble them up in a neat and clean way in three key places. First, you’ll now be able to see your followup reminders right from your ToutApp Live Feed. Second and Thirdly, you’ll also be able to get a nicely organized list of people and emails you need to follow up with from the Emails and Relationships tab on

Although this is quite possibly the simplest feature we’ve rolled out here at ToutApp, we’re really excited about how much productivity it will bring to Tout’s customers worldwide. Do let us know what you think! Here’s a video overview of Reminders.