Introducing: A Completely New Templates Experience

Did you know that using a Tout template saves the average sales rep two minutes per email? Today, we’re excited to announce our recent Tout Template enhancements to help you better manage, organize, and share your templates – saving your teams more time than ever!

With the Tout Template enhancement, we’re keeping all of your existing sharing controls and templates intact, while giving you an improved template experience including:

Sharing Controls

Until now, anyone could share content across your subscription into any category. Now, you’ll be able to control which teams can share templates and what template categories they will be shared in. Just go to “Sharing Access” under your Admin settings in to provision sharing access for your team.

Template Archival

As you’re managing your template library, the Tout Template enhancements now allow you to archive templates to be used later. This will keep the template data intact, while keeping them out of the way for you and the team. While templates are in the Archived category – you will not be able to edit, share or use that template until you move it to a new category


Ever feel like you’ve misplaced one of your favorite templates? We’ve created a new category for you called “Favorites” so you can find your greatest templates with the click of a button. These templates will still stay in their existing category and they will appear in the Favorites category at the top of your templates so they’re always top of mind.

Improved Usability

With the new UI, you’ll be able to manage your templates like never before. Not only will you be able to sort and search across your template categories, you’ll also be able to change your view to see only templates that are shared – or templates that have not been used in 90 days.

And, leveraging the bulk action buttons will let you quickly move, edit or delete templates within a specific category. Ask anyone who’s cleaned up templates one-by-one and you’ll hear what a time savings feature this will be!

In addition, from the templates details view, you’ll have improved analytics and simplified UI for managing recommended templates and unsubscribes.

Last but not least, renaming a template has been simplified. Just hover over the template category name and click on the dot menu. Then, click rename.


Template Visibility (Coming Soon!)

As a Tout Admin, you can now view all templates created across your subscription – even if they aren’t shared with you. Just choose a name from the “View As” dropdown in the templates page to view content created by anyone on your team.

We’re really excited about all the Tout Template enhancements in this release and hope you are too. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it! The easiest way to reach the product team is by clicking on the “We <3 Feedback” button on the bottom of the Templates page and filling out the form.

Also included in this release:

  • Deprecated support for Highrise CRM and Tout Connect
  • A fix for using “Other CRM” functionality in OWA
  • A new Help Form experience


  • Taylor Wells

    whats up with the new UI. Did you take away notes? There are no release notes and i logged on today to a different UI and performance issues. Most importantly I can’t see any notes I left on a person before the update. NO response from support and NO help on the site. Someone please respons.

  • Barshawn Haynes

    I would like to be able to do a followup email from the emails found in history. You used to have this feature and now it’s gone but to me it doesn’t make sense for us to NOT be able to click an email from history and be able to followup from that email without having to have a campaign for follow-ups. I’ve issued a ticket and have yet to get a response!!!!