How ToutApp Changed Elliot’s Workflow

Our featured User of the Week entry comes from Elliot Robia, a Market Strategist at Pixel Farm. Every week or so, we’ll profile a different user group who uses our app to improve their email productivity. If you would like to be featured in the future, you can apply here.

Tout has totally changed my workflow.

At Pixel Farm, we have two distinct customers:  ad agencies and large companies.  After understanding how we can help them, prospective clients are usually eager to work with us.  Getting the initial            conversation can sometimes be difficult, however.  This is where ToutApp comes in.

I started using Tout for my outbound emails a few months ago, and it’s excellent.  I find leads using LinkedIn, and the app allows me to A/B test my messaging and eliminate receptive tasks .

Tout provides great insights via its tracking and analytics features, and the user interface is beautiful.  One of my favorite features is the email server integration which allows emails to be sent via your server — not some third party application.  Tout can also be integrated into Salesforce, and inbound emails will land in your inbox (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc).

Check it out. It was worth the switch for me.