How to write the best performing Sales emails

Put your brains together. That’s right. Here at ToutApp this is how we get stuff done. We use Tout to Tout Tout.

What’s our secret sauce? Team collaboration.

We want our emails to be sharp and successful. Sales emails should be casual. This is no excuse for bad grammar. Nor is catching up on emails late night. (ToutApp let’s me schedule emails to be sent later so my prospects don’t get an email from me at 2am on a Wednesday night.) Let’s give it a go to create the most successful sales template.

If I am sending out an email to 50 people, you can bet I want it to be successful. Three reasons I share templates:

1. I can get constructive feedback from my team.



2. I can keep track of my thoughts. 

Template analytics let me measure views and clicks.

Template notes let me keep tabs on everything else. “Closed most of my deals when I use this template or this template works best for prospects in New York”

3. Finally, if I share my templates my team shares theirs.

Sharing templates creates conversation around best practices without having to step away from my desk. Alerts directly from the Live Feed make this easy. I’ll see in real time when someone shares a template with me or comments on a team template.


Start sharing today!