How to Write a Great Journalist Pitch

Let’s get back to the original reason Toutapp was founded – email is cumbersome, challenging and annoying. But as frustrating as you thought it was to constantly copy and paste text before you started using Toutapp, it is just as irritating for people to receive emails that are verbose and don’t make sense.

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If you’re wondering how you can create a template that writers and journalists will actually read and understand, try following these simple rules, many brought to you by the awesome folks at VentureBeat.

1. Keep it Brief. Seriously. This forces you to only write what’s important.

2. Be Genuine. Find a way to maintain a balance between your personality and a professional tone. When your voice shine through in your email, it not only makes you more memorable, but it shows that what you’re touting is a labor of love.

3. Write what makes sense. Don’t include a bunch of technical jargon that’s not relevant to what you’re pitching. At the same time, if you’re pitching to the right journalists, they’re bound to know a thing or two about the nitty-gritty of how your product works, so don’t dumb it down. Consider what they would know, what they should know, and what they actually care to write about.

4. Provide an opportunity for follow up. If the person you’re contacting has more questions about your product or your pitch, make sure they’ll be able to contact you with ease, by putting your email address and phone number right in the email. Give them an idea of when you plan on following up, so that they can know when to expect to hear from you again, and so that they know you care enough to actually follow up.

5. Be courteous. This has less to do with the template, and more to do with actually succeeding with your pitches. VentureBeat wrote a long article about what not to do when sending pitches to tech bloggers, and the whole thing can pretty much be summarized with one command: be polite. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. They may or may not write about you, but it’s really not hard to be kind, regardless of the outcome.

Want to know how we used Toutapp to get press? Keep an eye out for a series of posts by Toutapp’s CEO, TK, about how he used Toutapp to reach out to tech journalists. He’ll even include a few email templates for you to add to your template library!

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