How to: Track video views from an email

Scientific Animations is a 3D medical animation company that creates videos for pharmaceutical and medical device clients. When they’re in the process of communicating with new prospects, they typically send along an email with clips of videos they’ve created before. The main reason they use ToutApp is for help with video tracking. Tout helps Scientific Animations know when their recipients open an email and click a link to play their video.
ToutApp is one side of the equation for email tracking – and Wistia is the other program that Scientific Animations uses. Wistia will track which video a person watched, how long they viewed it for, the time of viewing, and also the location. By uniting Tout and Wistia together through their own clever hack, Scientific Animations is able to get individualized, real-time tracking for their 1:1 emails with prospective clients.
Watch the video below to see how you can get video analytics and video tracking when you send your sales email templates: