How to Tout your Startup at SXSW with SMS

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, batteries charged, with GroupMe and Hashable on the iPhone… Are you ready for SXSW?!

Regardless of whether you’re totally psyched or already sick of all the SXSW talk, SXSW is still an incredible place to meet awesome people, exchange ideas and spread the word about your own startup.

While you are doing your #intros #justmets or even spreading the word the old fashioned way through t-shirts and fancy business cards, we want you to use Tout to #followup with everyone you meet using Tout’s E-Mail by SMS feature.

What is Tout?

Tout is a simple e-mail client that lets you templatize, schedule and track your day-to-day repetitive emails.

How we’ll be Touting Tout at SXSW

We are doing an angel round right now. So as we meet potential investors at SXSW, We’ll be sending the “Investor Info” template that we’ve put together. It serves to be a great way to make an impression, and most importantly, get on their Inbox To-Do list.

How you can Tout your Startup

You too can create your Product Overview or Investor Overview or even a Beta-Invite e-mail template for your startup.

And as you meet people at SXSW, just send an SMS to Tout with the Template’s Name and an E-Mail address and Tout will send off the personalized e-mail for you.